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Citroen C4 About

Thanks to the redesigned design of the Citroen C4, we can say that it has undergone much more radical changes compared to its previous versions. Citroen C4, which has gained a different character with these changes, stands out with its strong structure. SUV, one of the most popular models of recent years, it can be said that the increasing interest has turned the 2022 Citroen C4 model into an SUV type. Now the C4 vehicle, which has survived the difficult road conditions with its slightly more luxurious structure, should be considered and accepted as an all-terrain vehicle. Since the Citroen C4 has undergone efficient and functional modifications, many different features attract attention. One of these features is that the vehicle sits higher off the ground compared to its counterparts. Thanks to its ground clearance, it offers a more comfortable and safe driving option in difficult road conditions. In addition, the vehicle also offers a very comfortable ride in puddles up to a certain height. In addition, the clean and clear lines used in the exterior design of the Citroen C4 are highly appreciated Jul because they reflect the car's power. The same chrome headlights located both in front and behind the vehicle add courage to the vehicle.

Citroen C4 Side View

Citroen was a very unusual brand that came to the fore in the 2000s with its futuristic designs. this image, which has been greatly weakened since the 2000s, looks like it will return with the brand's new models. On the C4, we see lines close to what we see on the brand's new D segment model. Although the light group divided into two parts at the front teases the car, at the same time, the plastic parts on the lower parts emphasize that the model is a crossover. Citroen also includes details and lines inherited from its old models in this profile, so it can be said that both these and the newly introduced models have a "real Citroen back". sporty sloping roofline. The suspension group, designed as two parts, rear and front, creates an unorthodox image in the side profile. At the same time, the side windows, which are thinned at the roof line, are connected to the stop group with the help of a curve taken from the rear window, ensuring a good flow. 

Citroen C4 Side And Rear View

Citroen C4 Specifications?

Citroen C4 details and prices The most discussed part of the model is the rear design, although its different constructions do not create an image for everyone, it strengthens the recognition of the car from a distance. I really like such details in an era when cars are so similar to each other. a small spoiler integrated into the rear light cluster adds a sporty air to the car and this point is not blinded thanks to the layout of the spoiler passing over the rear window. The most beautiful detail in the rear part is the "real" exhausts that we miss. The exits here both prevent plastic waste and provide a pleasant image. In the front part of the vehicle, the length of the front cuff attracts attention. Especially the fact that the Citroen logo on the front of the vehicle is chrome plated and the design extends along the front of the vehicle adds a different atmosphere to the vehicle. In addition, the lightweight V-shaped structure makes the vehicle visually more attractive. Two-stage LED headlights and associated fog lights were used in the front part of the vehicle. 

The Interior of the Citroen C4

In terms of interior design, the 10-inch touch tablet screen, climate control, audio, navigation, multimedia display, vehicle configuration system and phone interface are the first features that should be considered in this vehicle. In addition, the wireless charging area, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems provide a pleasant driving experience in the vehicle. A full 16 different driving aids make this car one step ahead of its competitors. The engine unit of the vehicle has a power of 1.2 Turbo Petrol PrueTech 100 hp. 6-speed manual transmission. This 3-cylinder unit can produce 100 horsepower. The maximum speed of the vehicle is limited to 18 kilometers, and the vehicle reaches a speed of 0-100 kilometers in 12 seconds. the vehicle also has a 1.2 Turbo Petrol PrueTech 155hp -EAT8 8-speed automatic, engine unit option. This 3-cylinder unit can produce 155 horsepower. This vehicle reaches a speed of 0-100 km in 9.2 seconds. The maximum speed of the vehicle with this device is 208 km. Finally, there is also a PrueTech 130hp - EAT8 engine unit with 1.2 Turbo Gasoline 8-speed automatic transmission. this 3-cylinder unit, which produces 155 horsepower, enables the vehicle to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 10.2 seconds. The maximum speed of the vehicle with this device is 200 km.

Citroen C4 Front View

What About Citroen C4 Car Rental?

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