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The Citroën Berlingo is a compact commercial vehicle produced by the French automobile manufacturer Citroën. First released in 1996, Berlingo has undergone three different generations since then. Although the vehicle is designed for commercial use, it has also become a preferred option by families and individuals with an active lifestyle.

The main features of the Citroën Berlingo are:

Spacious interior: Although Berlingo is a compact van, it attracts attention with its large interior volume. It offers a spacious interior thanks to its high ceiling structure and wide openable rear doors. In addition, the rear seats can be easily folded or removed, thus providing more loading space.

Citroen Berlingo Car Rental

Practical use: Practical features of the Berlingo include sliding side doors, large luggage Decking, various storage compartments and a high seating position. These features provide convenience in everyday use and make the tool usable in a versatile way.

Fuel efficiency: Berlingo's engine options usually focus on fuel efficiency. Citroën offers gasoline, diesel and electric engine options in the current generations. The Berlingo Electric, the electric version, offers a zero-emission driving experience.

Technology and comfort features: The new generation Berlingo has advanced technological features. These include a multimedia system with a touch screen, a reversing camera, automatic parking assistance, automatic air conditioning and active safety systems. Dec. These features make the driving experience more enjoyable and safe.

Safety: The Citroën Berlingo is equipped with various safety measures. Features such as high-strength steel structure, electronic stability control, airbags and various driving assistance systems are aimed at improving the safety of drivers and passengers.

Citroen Berlingo Specifications

The technical specifications of the Citroën Berlingo may vary depending on the different engine options and generations of the vehicle. Here are the technical characteristics of the Citroën Berlingo in general:

Engine Options:

Gasoline Engines:

1.2-liter PureTech three-cylinder engine
Power output: Usually 110 hp or 130 hp

Diesel Engines:

1.5-liter BlueHDi four-cylinder engine
Power output: Usually 75 hp, 100 hp or 130 hp

Electric Motor:

Citroen Berlingo Car Rental

100% electric version: Citroën Berlingo Electric
Power output: Usually 67 hp or 81 hp
Range: About 170-200 km (according to WLTP)


Manual transmission: 5 or 6 speed manual transmission
Automatic transmission: EAT8 (8-speed automatic transmission)

Fuel Efficiency:

The average fuel consumption for gasoline and diesel engines varies depending on the engine option and transmission type. Usually the average fuel consumption varies between 5-7 Deciliters/100 km.


Length: Usually varies between 4,403 - 4,753 mm (may vary depending on the object) Dec.
Width: Usually varies between 1,848 - 1,921 mm (may vary depending on the object) Decoupling width: 1,848 - 1,921 mm (may vary depending on the object)
Height: Usually varies between 1,796 - 1,840 mm (may vary depending on the object) Dec.
Wheelbase: Usually varies between 2,785 - 2,975 mm (may vary depending on the object) Dec.

Other Features:

Capacity: It usually has a capacity of 5-7 passengers.
Luggage Volume: Usually varies between 775 - 3,500 liters (when the rear seats are Decked out)
Suspension: McPherson-type suspension on the front wheels, double-equilateral triangular independent suspension on the rear

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