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The BMW X1 is BMW's model in the compact SUV segment. First released in 2009, the X1 continues with its third generation today. While the X1 carries the characteristic design features of BMW, it attracts attention with its large interior volume, high driving comfort and various engine options. The X1 has a wide range of engines. Gasoline and diesel engine options are available, and a plug-in hybrid version is also available in some Sundays.

Bmw X1 Ön Yan Görünüş

BMW's Efficient Dynamics technologies are used to increase the efficiency of engines and reduce fuel consumption. In the interior, BMW's quality and comfort are at the forefront. It is designed using high-quality materials and has a spacious interior.

It offers a range of technological features and infotainment systems integrated into BMW's iDrive system. While the X1 attracts attention with its compact dimensions suitable for urban use, it also offers sufficient off-road capabilities with its SUV form. Various driving modes and features such as BMW's xDrive all-wheel drive system adapt to different driving conditions.

The BMW X1 is an attractive option for those looking for a premium compact SUV with its stylish design, comfortable interior and various engine options.

General Technical Characteristics of the Bmw X1



Vehicle Class


engine capacity

1496 cc

fuel tank

45 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

6.3 (100 km)

trunk volume

540 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4500 mm

vehicle width

1845 mm

Vehicle Height

1642 mm

Bmw X1 Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

The exterior design of the BMW X1 reflects a dynamic and sporty appearance, as with other models of the brand. Overall, the X1's exterior design has strong lines and sets it apart from other vehicles in the compact SUV segment.

Bmw X1 Front Appearance

At the front, the BMW grille with a wide and rounded double kidney attracts attention. The headlights have a sharp and sporty appearance and are usually equipped with LED technology.

An aggressive front bumper complements the dynamic and powerful stance of the X1. In the side profile, the X1's compact dimensions and raised body structure stand out.

Dynamic lines and November patterns on the chassis indicate that the vehicle is in motion. Black plastic coatings on the lower part of the body emphasize the SUV character of the vehicle.

In the rear part, there is usually a large spoiler and modern LED taillights. The rear bumper offers a dynamic appearance, while the dual exhaust outlets emphasize the sporty character of the vehicle.

The exterior design of the BMW X1 generally has a modern, sporty and attractive appearance. Although they are in the compact SUV segment, it can be said that the X1 reflects the prestige and dynamism of the brand along with its exterior design.

Bmw X1 Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the BMW X1 attracts attention with the use of premium materials, the integration of modern technologies and a spacious interior. The stylishly designed interior offers a comfortable environment for the driver and passengers.

Interior Design of the BMW X1

The front console is usually covered with high-quality materials and carries the characteristic design elements of BMW.

A large infotainment screen, usually integrated into the iDrive system, is used to control functions such as navigation, media and vehicle settings. The steering wheel is usually designed in terms of functionality and ergonomics, making it easier for the driver to use.

The instrument panel is usually equipped with a digital display, which shows important information to the driver. The seats in the interior are usually comfortable and supportive. A spacious interior is offered, which provides sufficient head and legroom for passengers. In addition, the rear seats can usually be folded or shifted, so that it is possible to expand the luggage space.

Another striking feature in the interior design of the BMW X1 is the quality of the material. High-quality leather and upholstery, metal and wood finishes usually offer a premium feel.

Overall, the interior design of the BMW X1 offers a comfortable, stylish and technologically rich experience for the driver and passengers. These features are the elements that distinguish the X1 from other competitors in the premium compact SUV segment.

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