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The BMW X3 is a mid-sized luxury SUV produced by the German automaker BMW. First released in 2003, the X3 has continued with various updates over three generations since then. The X3 is one of BMW's SUV models, called the "X" series, and like BMW's other vehicles, it attracts attention with high-quality materials and workmanship. The X3 usually offers a luxurious interior, powerful engine options, high driving performance and various technological features. It is usually preferred for families, individuals with an active lifestyle and those looking for a luxury SUV.

Bmw X3 Front Appearance

Bmw X3 General Technical Specifications



Vehicle Class


engine capacity

1592 cc

fuel tank

67 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

7.0 (100 km)

trunk volume

550 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4657 mm

vehicle width

1881 mm

Araç Yükseklik

1678 mm

Bmw X3 Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

Bmw X3 Exterior DesignThe exterior design of the BMW X3 has a strong and attractive stance, as with other SUV models of the brand.

Here are some of the main elements of its exterior design in general:

Bmw X3 Rear View
  • The expanding, characteristic BMW kidney grilles attract attention from the front panel. Headlights with sharp lines and an aggressive bumper design allow the X3 to display a dynamic appearance.
  • The rising waistline and athletic build help the X3 maintain a strong posture. Sharp lines and dynamic details make the car look impressive even when it is on the move. 
  • The expanding shoulder lines and elegant taillights show that the car is also remarkable from the rear. The rear bumper and exhaust outlets emphasize that the X3 has a sporty and sophisticated appearance.
  • The remarkable details of BMW are also evident in the exterior design of the X3. In particular, the use of high-quality materials and sharp details contribute to the car's luxurious feel.

Bmw X3 Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of the BMW X3 has a luxurious, modern and technological atmosphere.

Here are some important features found in the interior design of the X3:

Bmw X3 Interior Design

 High-quality materials are used in the interior of the X3. Options such as soft-textured leather, wood or aluminum coatings offer a premium feel.

  • BMW designs the interior of the X3 ergonomically for the driver and passengers. Features such as comfortable seats, large interior volume and adjustable driver's seat make long trips enjoyable.
  • The X3 embodies some of BMW's latest technological innovations. Features such as a large touch screen information and entertainment system, digital instrument panel, smartphone integration offer a modern experience to the driver and passengers.
  • The interior of the X3 is equipped with spacious storage compartments and practical details. Large luggage space and foldable rear seats increase the carrying capacity and allow various items to be easily transported.
  • Interior lighting and ambient lighting create a pleasant atmosphere in the interior of the X3. Selectable color options offer the possibility of personalization.

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