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BMW IX Detailed Review

BMW iX Pioneer of the Electric Future Today's automotive industry is evolving rapidly in terms of sustainability and technological innovation, while the famous German automaker BMW is drawing attention with one of its models, the BMW iX, which is leading this change. Pushing the boundaries in the electric vehicle segment, the BMW iX continues the brand's long-established tradition of excellence and claims to offer an environmentally friendly and high-performance driving experience.


Innovative Electrical Technology The BMW iX is an engineering marvel that takes the brand's electric vehicle strategy one step further. Designed as an all-electric SUV, the iX has the advantage of a long range combined with impressive performance thanks to its dual-engine systems and advanced battery technology. The quiet driving experience brought by electric power shows that the IX is a luxury car that combines environmental sustainability.

Excellent Range and Fast Charging Possibilities BMW iX, The iX, available in two different versions, has been designed with long journeys and daily use in mind. In addition, thanks to the fast charging features, iX drivers can resume driving in a short time and keep charging waiting times to a minimum.

BMW IX General Technical Specifications



Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

322 HP / 240 kW

O. Consumption

19.4 kWh / 100 km

Luggage Volume

500 lt

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control


Type of Fuel




Charging Filling Time (AC)

8 Saat 

Charging Filling Time (DC)

23 dk

Charging Filling Speed (DC)

150 Kwh


425 km


76.6 kWh

Vehicle Length

495,3 cm

Vehicle width

196,7 cm

Vehicle Height

169,5 cm


2440 kg

BMW IX Exterior Design And Technical Specifications

The BMW iX was an SUV model that adopted the brand's original design language for modern and electric vehicles.

Bmx Ix Front View

Here are some features about the exterior design of the BMW IX in general:

the two details enriched the overall appearance of the vehicle and added a luxurious air.

  • BMW's typical double-kidney grille also manifested itself in the iX model. However, this grille may have been designed to emphasize the unique characteristics of the electric vehicle in a different way than models with traditional internal combustion engines.
  • The BMW iX was equipped with advanced LED headlights and taillights. The lighting design supported the high-tech and modern atmosphere of the vehicle.
  • The BMW iX, which had the SUV form factor, had an aerodynamic structure. Smooth lines and aerodynamic improvements in details were improving driving efficiency.
  • Large glass areas made the interior more bright and spacious, but also offered a wide field of view to drivers and passengers.
  • BMW's sense of luxury was also evident in the details of the IX's exterior design. The use of quality materials and carefully made details supported the premium character of the vehicle.

BMW IX Interior Design And Technical Specifications

BMW IX Interior Design

The BMW iX is designed as an electric SUV that generally takes a luxury, comfort and technology-oriented approach to its interior design.

Here are some highlights of the interior design of the BMW IX:

  • The BMW iX has a spacious interior thanks to the SUV form factor. The high roof structure and large glass areas give the driver and passengers a spacious feeling.
  • The premium material quality familiar in BMW's luxury cars is also manifested in the IX's interior design. High-quality leather coverings, wood or metal details and carefully selected materials create a luxurious atmosphere in the interior of the vehicle.
  • The BMW iX is usually equipped with a large digital instrument cluster and a high-definition infotainment system. These systems offer the driver quick access to information and a customizable use.
  • BMW iX is equipped with high-tech details such as driver assistance systems, voice command control, automatic parking assistant. Smart features such as electric vehicle features, charge status monitoring and remote access are also integrated into the interior design.
  • BMW may have adopted a sustainability-oriented design in the iX model. The use of recyclable or environmentally friendly materials can help the interior design reflect an ecological approach.
  • Ergonomic seats designed with comfort at the forefront, spacious storage areas and user-friendly controls contribute to the BMW IX providing a comfortable driving experience for drivers and passengers.

BMW IX Car Rental

While electric vehicles are leading the transformation in the automotive industry, the BMW iX is a vehicle that offers a luxurious, environmentally friendly and technology-filled driving experience. To discover the BMW IX and take it one step further, you can meet the car of the future with our online car rental service. Create your car rental reservation on the website and travel in Bmw's ix model car.