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The Audi A4 is a car with a medium-sized sedan or estate (station wagon) body type produced by the German automaker Audi. The Audi A4, which was first launched in 1994, has continued its production with four generations and many updates since then.

The car is generally known for having a luxurious and sporty appearance, a high-quality interior and powerful engine options. The Audi A4 usually offers a variety of engine options, including gasoline, diesel and hybrid engines Decoupled.

Audi A4 

There are also sporty versions such as the performance-oriented S4 and RS4. The latest generations of the A4 offer a wide range of technological features. These include high-Deciency digital instrument panels, multimedia systems integrated with touch screens, advanced driver assistance systems and connectivity options.

General Technical Characteristics of the Audi A4


Audi A4

Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

1984 cc

Fuel Tank

58 L

Avg. Fuel Consumption

7.1 (100 km)

Luggage Volume

460 L

Passenger Capacity


Cruise Control

There is

Type of Fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4762 mm


2022 mm

Vehicle Height

1428 mm

Audi A4 Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

Although the exterior design of the Audi A4 has changed over time, it generally reflects Audi's characteristic design language.

Audi A4 Side View

Here are the general exterior design features of the Audi A4:

  • The Audi A4 usually has lean and elegant lines. Sharp lines and flowing shapes allow the car to have a modern and sophisticated appearance.
  • One of Audi's signature features, the Singleframe grille, is usually located at the front of the A4. A wide and flat grille design gives the car a strong appearance.
  • Innovative LED headlights play an important role in the front design of the Audi A4. The headlights, which usually have a sharp shape, give the car a modern and remarkable appearance.
  • Some versions have sporty details. These details include spacious air intakes, aggressive bumpers and sports exhaust outlets. Dec.
  • In the side profile of the Audi A4, smooth lines and smooth contours stand out. An elegantly rising roofline gives the car a dynamic appearance. 
  • Aerodynamic improvements and fluid shapes play an important role in the exterior design of the Audi A4. These features can improve fuel efficiency while improving driving stability.

Audi A4 Interior Design and Technical Specifications

Audi A4 Interior Design

The interior design of the Audi A4 adopts a luxurious and minimalist approach, while at the same time it is equipped with high-quality materials and advanced technology features.

Here are some features of the interior design of the Audi A4:

  • Audi usually uses high-quality materials in the interior of the A4. Soft-touch leather coverings, metal or wooden details and carefully selected upholstery add a luxurious feeling to the interior.
  • The interior of the Audi A4 is designed with a minimalist aesthetic. Clean lines and smooth controls ensure that the interior has a simple and elegant appearance.Jul.
  • The latest models of the A4 usually have a high-resolution digital instrument panel. This panel provides the driver with a wide range of information and has customizable features.
  • In the interior of the Audi A4, there is usually a multimedia system with a touch screen. This system combines navigation, entertainment and connectivity features and offers a user-friendly interface Decoupled.
  • The A4 usually has a spacious interior, and the seats usually provide good support. Ergonomically designed controls and buttons allow the driver to easily access functions.
  • Some Audi A4 models have an ambient lighting system to illuminate the interior. This system allows to customize the atmosphere of the interior and provides a comfortable environment for night driving.

Audi A4 Car Rental

Whether for business travel or on vacation, the Audi A4 rental option offers you luxury, comfort and performance all Decoupled. Equipped with Audi's legendary engineering skills, this sedan provides a superior driving experience for the driver and passengers. you can compare thousands of vehicles with one click from the website and make a prepaid reservation.