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The new Renault R5 E-TECH

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The new Renault R5 E-TECH

The new Renault R5 E-TECH

The Renault R5, which many people have been waiting for with curiosity, has been introduced to the European Sunday. Developing electric vehicles have now started to show themselves from the European Sunday. Renault is preparing to enter among these electric vehicles in the R5. Dec. A more modern version of the classic car, the Renault R5 E-Tech is aimed at environmentally conscious drivers looking for a stylish and practical electric car.

Renault R5 E-TECH Side View

As a Renault R5 Hatcback, it comes into your mix. The R5 electric vehicle is designed more for urban driving. Renault made its first appearance at the Geneva international motor show in 2024. The Renault R5 will be put on the production line at the Douai factory in France in 2024.

Renault R5 Design and Specifications

The Renault R5 is a modern and sporty vehicle that also attracts attention with its design and fine lines. Renault R5 attracts attention as a different design with its new illuminated logo and hidden door handles. In addition, the fabric used on the ceiling and the sides seem to have provided more comfort to the red lines on the sides.

Renault R5 E-TECH Rear View

The materials used in the Renault R5 vehicle, on the other hand, are recycled at a certain rate, materials are used and it is an environmentally friendly vehicle. The most striking aspect of Renault is that when you look at the headlights in the design pain, the front lines are almost like the lens of the human eye. These headlights Renault R5 presents to you as a unique design.

Renault's new avatar Reno is located in this vehicle. You can contact Reno during the trip.

Renault R5 Battery Specifications

The Renault R5 new electric vehicle is designed more for urban users. It has an impressive Range and has a 110 Kw(150 hp) battery. These batteries are bi-directional. These are like the electronic items we use in our home and are compatible with household electricity. You can fill the charger. The Renault R5 is a vehicle with a driving range of up to 400 Km.

Renault R5 will be launched to the production line in 2024 and we are eagerly waiting for the Renault R5 electric vehicle in the Turkish automobile Sunday.

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