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Electric Vehicle Company Tesla Calls to Use NACS

World electric vehicle giant Tesla broke new ground by registering the charging connector, which it implemented with the Tesla Model S, which it launched in 2012. In a statement made by Tesla, it called for the use of NACS, called the North American Charging Standard, by other companies.

He said that the charge co-cycle of the connector, which has been actively used by company executives for 9 years, shows itself after 32 billion km. It is worth noting that Tesla is the company that sells the most electric cars in the market in North America.

It can be used instead of a CCS Combo-like connector structure with its registered design over time. Making a detailed statement, company executives said, “To fulfill our mission to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy, we are opening our EV connector design to the world today. We invite charging network operators and vehicle manufacturers to place the Tesla charging connector and charging port, now called North America.” made his speeches.

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