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Domestic car TOGG hosted dozens of guests by organizing a magnificent event for its first car released from mass production on October 29. Aiming to open twenty stores in seven regions of Turkey, TOGG's first store was opened in Zorlu Istanbul Center. One of the most curious questions is TOGG fuel consumption…

How Long Does a Domestic Vehicle Burn at TOGG 100 Km?

Togg shares information about many of its features in its store located in Zorlu Center. One of them is battery time, charging time and fuel consumption. How much does the highly anticipated TOGG burn?

TOGG 'Domestic Car'

According to the data shared by TOGG, the average consumption of the vehicle on the control panel is 16.9 kWh / 100 km. In stable use, it is possible to experience the fuel consumption of the TOGG vehicle as 11.3 kWh/100 km.

TOGG Fuel Consumption

What is TOGG burning between Ankara and Istanbul?

When we look at TOGG data, although it is possible to go to 716 TL with a 1.6 lt engine in a 445 km road and 4 hours 48 minutes driving distance, it is possible to go to 321 TL with TOGG.

It is possible to charge the TOGG battery from 20% to 80% in 23 minutes at a Trugo or similar station.

Where to Rent TOGG?

Many car rental companies in our country have electric vehicles in their stocks. Dozens of car rental companies operating in TOGG, which is in the production phase, are waiting for their turn to order. As soon as TOGG C-SUV is added to the stocks by car rental companies, you will be able to rent via and Rent a Car mobile application.

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