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Sumela Monastery Travel Guide

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Sumela Monastery Travel Guide

About the Sumela Monastery

Sümela Monastery is a historical monastery located in the Black Sea region of Turkey and located within the borders of Altındere Village in Trabzon province and Maçka district. The monastery is located in a place carved into the slopes of the mountain and surrounded by a very impressive natural landscape. Sümela Monastery is popularly known as the "Virgin Mary". Dec. The building is located in a valley at an altitude of about 300 meters above sea level.

Sümela Manastırı

The lack of precise information about exactly when and by whom the Sumela Monastery was built Dec. 4 is usually the absence of a combination. it is seen that it is dated to the century. Someone you can be the brightest in the monastery, 13. in the century, the ruler of the Trabzon Empire III. Alexios' data comes across. The monastery has maintained its growth during the Byzantine period and after, and has undergone repairs and additions in different periods.

It was designed as a fairly large complex containing a church, chapel, kitchen, library, current and other buildings within the Sumela Monastery. The monastery, which looks like it is almost stuck to the mountains of the mountains outside, is a very impressive building from an architectural point of view.

Sümela Monastery has been accepted as an important part of the historical and cultural structure of Turkey and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2010. The name of the monastery comes from the word Sumela, i.e. black molasses.

Sumela Monastery Travel Guide

The monastery, which is the certainty of those who have fallen on their way to Trabzon, is a very attractive place for those who want to spend their holidays intertwined with nature. Besides, enjoy your vacation, enjoy the natural beauties!

A suitable time to visit Sümela Monastery is spring and summer months, because it may become unvisitable due to heavy snowfall in winter. If the visiting hours are equalized to the hours where the sunlight is better, the view of the monastery will be more impressive.

The Sumela Monastery complex is quite large and consists of historical buildings. The duration of your visit should be long enough to show you all the parts of the monastery. You also need to take time to reserve the natural beauties of the surrounding area. 

Photography is free, but sometimes some systems may be prohibited. You can recognize sensitive areas by checking their files. There are also facilities for taking great photos outside the closet.

How to Get to Trabzon Sumela Monastery?

For those who are wondering how to get to Sümela Monastery, you can find the transportation options below.

The monastery is easily accessible fromTrabzon and can be reached by Black Sea tour, bus, plane or private car. Also You can rent a car in Trabzon and you can add color to your holiday. ' Explore, Rent, Enjoy in 3 steps!  To reach Sümela, first of all, you need to go to the city center from Trabzon bus station or airport. Then head south from the center of Trabzon to reach the district of Maçka. The village of Altundere, which comes to the district of Mecca, is 16 km to the east. You can reach here by bus, tour van, rental car or private car. Then you need to leave the car at the nearest point to the monastery and walk. After a 20-minute nature walk, we arrive at Sümela Monastery. It is about a 50-minute drive from Trabzon Sümela Monastery.

Address: Altındere, Altındere Valley National Park, 61750 Maçka/Trabzon

Time: Opening time: 08.00 Closing time: 19:00

Phone: (0462) 531 10 64

How Much are the Entrance Fees to Sümela Monastery?

How much are the entrance fees to Sümela Monastery? For those who are curious, you can find the entrance fees below.

The entrance fee is determined by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey.  

for students aged 18 and under: Free of charge,
Museum Card is valid,
Entrance fee to Sümela Monastery: 433 TL,
Altındere Valley National Park entrance fee: 17 TL.

Sümela Monastery travel guide can you add comfort to your holiday by renting a car with?

Explore, Rent, Enjoy!

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