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Skoda Epiq Detailed Review

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Skoda Epiq Detailed Review

About the Skoda Epiq

The new Electric car of Skoda Skoda Epiq has been released on the European Sunday. The vehicle is an SUV vehicle and looks like a sporty and modern vehicle. Skoda's new design and new lines, T-shaped headlights and stylish front design are almost awe-inspiring. The Skoda Epiq is expected to reach the production line in 2025 and is expected to be ready for sale on the European Sunday.

Skoda Epiq Front Appearance

Here are some features of the Skoda Epiq;

About the Exterior Design of the Skoda Epiq

Skoda Epiq Top View
  • The Skoda Epiq is a modern SUV vehicle designed with sharp lines.
  • It features Skoda's new "Tech-Deck" face design. In this design, the headlights are one of the striking details of the simplified front section
  • Skoda's new "T"-shaped LED headlight sets are one of the striking details in the simplified front section.
  • Closed grid design with a modern and remarkable appearance. 
  • A design with the brand's name written on the hood instead of the Skoda logo. 
  • Large air intakes on the front and rear bumpers. 
  • Wide wheels with modern and aerodynamic design. 
  • It is expected that there will be various color options such as White, Black, Gray, Blue and Red. 
  • The closed grille and T-shaped LED headlights give the Epiq a modern and sharp look. Instead of the Skoda logo, a design with "Skoda" written on the hood reflects the brand's new identity. The wide air intakes help cool the engine, while at the same time giving the vehicle a more aggressive appearance. 
  • Simple and elegant lines make up the side design of the Epiq. Wide wheels and a raised body give the vehicle an SUV character. The door handles are designed in a way that is integrated with the body. 
  • The rear bumper also has large air intakes like the front bumper. Skoda's "T"-shaped LED taillights, which we are used to, were used. There is a Skoda logo on the tailgate.

About the Interior Design of the Skoda Epiq

Interior Design of the Skoda Epiq

The Skoda Epiq is a vehicle with a minimalist and modern interior design.

Here are some of the features;

  • The large glass areas and the panoramic glass ceiling make the interior feel spacious and bright. 
  • Recycled materials were used in the interior. 
  • the 12.3-inch digital instrument panel provides the driver with all the important information. 
  • a large 15-inch touch screen provides control of the infotainment system. 
  • Touch buttons were used instead of physical buttons.
  • The ambient lighting, which offers different color options, gives a special atmosphere to the interior. 
  • Ergonomic and comfortable front seats. Memory settings and an electric massage function can be offered optionally on the driver's seat. 
  • Spacious and comfortable rear seats. The rear seats have USB Type-C ports and ventilation vents. 
  • it has a luggage volume of 490 liters. Luggage volume can be increased by folding the rear seats.
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