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Rize Ayder Plateau Travel Guide

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Rize Ayder Plateau Travel Guide

About Rize Ayder Plateau

Ayder, which is currently the most popular center of Rize, is located 19 km southeast of Çamlıhemşin district. It is within walking distance to Gürgendibi and Gelintulu waterfalls, which are 1,218 meters high and flow from a meter high with the sound of Storm Creek, and it is the intersection point of many more places to see. Ayder Plateau is a very important area due to its status as a national park.

Rize Ayder Plateau Travel Guide

This is the starting point of the exit to the Kaçkar mountains from the north. There are many accommodation facilities in the plateau, from bungalows to typical highland houses, from family hostels to hotels. Yayla, where all kinds of infrastructure services have been completed, has the appearance of a holiday resort. In addition to its rich flora and fauna, it is also famous for its hot springs located right in the middle of pine forests and Kaçkar landscape. Ayder Honey is also one of the delicacies that should be tasted on the plain.

Rize Ayder Plateau Travel Guide

Rize Ayder Plateau Travel guide

Ayder Plateau, one of the most important tourism centers of our country, offers many natural beauties to visit and experience... The Ayder Plateau Road passes through Ardeşen. There are many places to visit along the way. The forest surrounding Storm Valley takes your breath away with its misty hills. The first stone bridge that comes across you is the Timisvat Ottoman Taşkemer Bridge. There are trout farms right next to it. You can take a break here before continuing your journey. When you reach the lush Ayder Plateau, you can't help yourself from the fascinating sight and sound of the waterfall ringing in your ears.

Rize Ayder Plateau Travel Guide

One of the places we recommend you to see in Ayder Plateau is the Zil Castle, which is famous for its majesty and looks almost like a fairy tale. You will admire the Zil Castle, which is located at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level. Ayder Village House is one of the beauties you will see on your trip. You can be a guest in one of the village houses of Ayder, which has a structure unique to the region, and you can witness the hospitality of the Black Sea people. The moment when you see the most magnificent views of your tour, which continues intertwined with nature, is the moment when you see the Çamlıhemşin plain. We recommend that you spend as much time as possible on these indescribably beautiful plains.

How to Get to Rize Ayder Plateau?

There are many transportation options to visit Ayder Plateau. If you want to travel by plane, you can choose Trabzon Airport, and you can also choose the newly opened Rize Artvin airport. While the highway has better traffic, Istanbul is 1220 km, Ankara is 890 km and Izmir is 1490 km. Since Ayder Plateau is not located in the city center, it is possible to reach Ayder Plateau by transfer from the city center or by private car.

Rize Ayder Plateau Travel Guide
What are the flavors you can eat in Rize Ayder Plateau?

Ayder Plateau, in favor of breakfast and tea, is full of delicious places that serve tea on a samovar and offer cuddles for breakfast. Ayder Plateau attracts attention with its food options and scenery. As long as this natural beauty is preserved, the Ayder Plateau will pass into history for many more years.

When you come to this plateau, which is one of the symbols of Turkey, you may be wondering what to eat in Ayder Plateau. We have selected recommendations for you from many places that you will find while walking on the plain. You are invited to Ayder Plateau for rich and regional dishes, delicious places with meat and pita bread, enjoying tea in front of waterfalls and much more. You can enjoy nature by easy transportation from the center of Rize or by buses to Ayder Plateau.

Rize Ayder Plateau Travel Guide

Activities you can do in Rize Ayder Plateau

  • HIGHLAND FESTIVALS (Take place on certain dates in winter and summer.)
Rize Ayder Yaylası Gezi Rehberi
Rize Artvin Airport Car Rental?

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