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Mersin Paradise Hell Pits Travel Guide

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Mersin Paradise Hell Pits Travel Guide

Mersin Paradise Hell Pits Travel Guide

Mersin is a city located in the south of Turkey and is home to many natural beauties. One of the most famous tourist attractions of Mersin is Cennet Hell (Heaven and Hell) Pits. Paradise Hell Pits are located within the boundaries of Narlıkuyu village of Silifke district. These two large pits, which have been formed by natural means, almost make their visitors admire. Let's examine it together...

Mersin Paradise Hell Pits

About Mersin Paradise Pit

The Paradise Sinkhole is a large sinkhole formed by the collapse of a roof caused by chemical erosion caused by an underground stream. The elliptical edge has a diameter of 250 and 110 meters, and a depth of 70 meters. About 200 m in the north-south part of the pit. the longest and deepest point is 135 meters. There is a cave entrance and a small church at the mouth of this cave. At the end of the cave, after the church, you can hear the sound of a mythological underground stream.

Mersin Paradise Hell Pits

The Paradise Cave landscape was deeply submerged and formed as a result of karst processes in shallow marine limestone layers formed in the Miocene. The northern slope of the ditch is quite steep. The cave was formed as a result of the collapse of the roof of a gallery in a closed karst cave system. The names of 130 clergymen who served during the Hellenistic and Roman periods are engraved on the stones without insuts on the northern wall of a temple built according to the Doric order. The temple was converted into a church during the Christian era. There are no walls in the southern part of the temple. The Stairway of the ruins of the Temple of Zeus near the Well of Heaven also probably dates from that period. There is an elevator and a viewing terrace to go down in the Paradise Pit.

About Mersin Hell Pit

Mersin Paradise Hell Pits

The Pit of Hell, on the other hand, has its name, steep and dangerous structure features. Hell Pit is suitable for those who are looking for more adventure and love trips such as mountaineering. This pit has a narrow and rocky structure. The trails around the hell pit offer routes for the use of hikers and climbers. The Hell Pit, which is about 110 m deep, has caused the karst underground flow, which was formed as a result of the collapse of the roof of an underground cave system, to open up and cause the formation of the Heavenly pitcher. It cannot be entered because its edges are concave. An underground stream flows from the bottom of the well to the bottom of the Paradise Field in the west. in 2021, a glass viewing terrace was built to better observe the hellhole.

How to Get to Mersin Paradise Hell Pit?

Mersin Cennet Hell Pit is located 25 km from the Silifke District center of Mersin, 2 km from the ancient Narlikuyu port and 5 km from Kizkalesi. You can provide transportation to Mersin Cennet Hell Pit by personal vehicle or by rental car. There is also a parking lot for parking your car.

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Mersin Araç Kiralama
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