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Istanbul Sirapınar Dam Travel Guide

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Istanbul Sirapınar Dam Travel Guide

Istanbul Sirapınar Dam Travel Guide

It is one of the rare undiscovered places in Istanbul. Dam is connected to Çekmeköy district as a location and is one of the 4 villages. Sirapınar Dam, which is intertwined with nature, feeds Çanakcı Creek. The Çanakçı stream feeds the Çayağız stream and pours into the Black Sea from here. There is an Omer Neighborhood- Huseyinli Neighborhood around it. Sirapınar Village takes its name from the five fountains located along the road. As time passed, it became paid to meet the public's water needs, and then these wells were connected to warehouses. The livelihood of the local people is provided by agriculture and animal husbandry. 

Istanbul Sirapınar Dam

What is being done at Istanbul Sirapınar Dam?

There are many activities that you can do at Istanbul Sirapınar Dam. What to do with the sırapınar dam, which is a natural wonder. We have sorted it for you. Let's examine it together...

  1. You can camp around Istanbul Sirapınar Dam.
  2. You can take Nature photography at the Sirapınar Dam, which has unique beauties. 
  3. You can do ATV tours.
  4. If you like fishing. I say don't forget to take your fishing rod; because you can fish at the Sirapınar Dam.
  5. You can take a swing and read a book at the Sirapınar dam, which is a natural wonder.
  6. You can do a bicycle tour with your friends.
  7. Your loved ones can have an amazing picnic. (Let's protect these natural beauties and keep the environment clean Jul.)
Istanbul Sirapınar Dam

Brief Information about Istanbul Sirapınar Dam

Phone and internet are connected smoothly at the Sirapınar Dam in Istanbul. There are places where you can light a fire here. You won't have any problems with the wood. Because it has nature and woodland. You can go to a place where you can set up a tent with your own vehicle. Food and drinks can be purchased from the Tomara Village House. He does package service. It is an ideal area for those who want to camp by fishing.

Istanbul Sirapınar Dam
How to Get to Istanbul Sirapınar Dam?

You can provide transportation by personal car or rental car. My advice is to use navigation. Otherwise, you may confuse the streets, get stuck in traffic, and most importantly, you may have difficulty finding a business, even if it is easy to find a place of business.

9H Cumhuriyet Village / Hüseyinli - Çekmeköy: A bus from Çekmeköy to Cumhuriyet Village stops at 59 stops directly on Zorlu Sokak. it takes about 45-50 minutes.

138 Cumhuriyet Village / Ömerli - Ümraniye: The bus from Ümraniye to Cumhuriyet Village arrives at Zorlu Street stop after 41 stops. It takes about 30-40 minutes Dec.

138B Göllü / Ömerli - Ümraniye: The bus departing from Ümraniye towards Cumhuriyet village arrives at Zorlu Sokak in 40 minutes. The journey takes an average of 30- 35 minutes.

139S Üsküdar / Sofular - Şile: A bus going from Üsküdar to Şile will take you to Zorlu Street stop after 42 stops. The journey takes an average of 50 minutes. After getting off at Zorlu Street station, you can walk to Sirapınar Dam in 10 minutes. how to rent a Car through it? renting a car through a car rental platform is a fairly simple process. By following the steps below you can make a car rental transaction through: 

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