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Fiat Topolino

What You Need to Know About the New Fiat Topolino

Fiat has brought a nostalgic surprise to car enthusiasts by bringing the iconic Topolino model back to life. The new Fiat Topolino comes across as an environmentally friendly microcar equipped with modern technologies and ideal for urban transportation. Inspired by the cute and compact design of the old model, this new version serves as a bridge connecting the past and the future.

Fiat Topolino Rear Side View

General Technical Characteristics of the New Fiat Topolino


Fiat Topolino

Vehicle Class


engine capacity

 6 kw


8.0 kWsa/100km

Passenger Capacity


type of fuel


Charging Filling Time (AC)

4 Hours


Lithium Battery

Vehicle Length

2535 mm

Vehicle width

1400 mm

Vehicle Height

1530 mm


487 Kg

Exterior Design and Technical Characteristics of the New Fiat Topolino

The exterior design of the new Fiat Topolino offers a modern look by combining the cute and compact lines of the classic model with today's design trends.

Here are some important features about the exterior design:

The new Topolino brings a modern interpretation, maintaining the rounded contours and cute appearance of the classic Fiat Topolino. Rounded headlights, oval lines and rounded corners emphasize the cute and characteristic design of the car. Aerodynamic Elements The vehicle is equipped with details designed to improve aerodynamic performance. Details such as the front grille and windbreaker optimize the airflow, increasing fuel efficiency, while giving the car a sporty and attractive appearance.

Fiat Topolino Front Appearance

The front and rear headlights of the new Topolino are equipped with modern LED technology. This technology provides brighter and energy efficient lighting, while giving the vehicle a contemporary and stylish appearance. The Fiat Topolino has compact dimensions that are ideal for urban use. This feature provides easy maneuverability on narrow streets and in congested traffic, while also offering great convenience when it comes to parking.

The new Topolino has a customizable exterior with various color options. In addition to classic colors, modern and vibrant colors are also offered, providing an aesthetic option that emphasizes the character of the vehicle. The new Fiat Topolino, where every detail is carefully thought out and the quality of workmanship is at the forefront, also carries these features in its exterior design.

The use of high-quality materials and attention to detail ensure that the car has a premium feel. This design offers a vision for the future while keeping the nostalgia of the past alive.

Interior Design and Technical Characteristics of the New Fiat Topolino

The interior design of the new Fiat Topolino combines classic details with modern Decadence, offering a stylish and convenient interior.

Here are some important features about the interior design:

The interior of the new Topolino is shaped with a minimalist design approach. A simple and clean layout makes the driving experience as simple and enjoyable as Jul by focusing on the users.The quality and craftsmanship of the materials used in the interior ensure that the car has a premium feel. Soft-touch materials, stitching details and carefully selected coating options enhance the comfort and aesthetics of the interior.

Fiat Topolino Interior Design

The interior design of the new Topolino has been ergonomically considered in accordance with the needs of users. The control buttons and displays are positioned in such a way that the driver can easily access them. In addition, there are also practical storage areas in the interior, so that it is possible to store everyday items in an orderly manner. Modern Technological Equipment The new Topolino is equipped with modern technological equipment.

The touch-screen infotainment system, smartphone integration, Bluetooth connectivity and other features provide a comfortable and connected experience to the driver and passengers. Spacious Interior Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the interior of the Topolino is surprisingly spacious. A spacious cabin allows the driver and passengers to enjoy long-term trips.

Safety has also been kept at the forefront in the interior design. Features such as various driver assistance systems, collision avoidance technologies and safety airbags ensure the maximum safety of drivers and passengers. The new Fiat Topolino has been designed to meet the expectations of drivers and passengers with its user-friendly layout, high-quality materials and modern features.

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