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Chery Tiggo PHEV 9

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Chery Tiggo PHEV 9

About Chery Tiggo PHEV 9

Chery made its name quite a lot after entering the Turkish Sunday. Chery's New Tiggo 9 PHEV Model was introduced in China. The Chery Tiggo 9 is an SUV model produced by the China-based automaker Chery.

Chery Tiggo PHEV 9 Front View

It usually attracts attention with its modern design, spacious interior and technological features it offers. This model can be an ideal option for large families or people with an active lifestyle. In addition, it may also have outstanding features in terms of safety and driving comfort. It has a range of modern technologies, safety features and comfort equipment in fully equipped models. It is eagerly awaited when the Chery Tiggo 9 PHEV will arrive on the Turkish Sunday.

About the Interior and Exterior Design of Chert Tiggo 9 PHEV

When we look at the Chery Tiggo 9 Phev design, there are differences in the vehicle compared to other models. When we look at the front of the vehicle, Tiggo 8 comes across a different design. The stylish LED design of the front grille of the vehicle is highlighted, and the Chery logo is also presented to you with lights. It seems that this car adds a sporty design. One of the Striking Features of the vehicle is the 20-inch wheel designs, which seem to add color and comfort to this vehicle in terms of design. Chery Tiggo 9 Phev has 2 fuel caps. On the right side there is a gasoline fuel cap, and on the left side there is a Hybrid charging cap. Looking at the lit condition and range of the vehicle, it can do 5.2 liters per 100 km and a range of 1400 km.

Interior Design of Chery Tiggo PHEV 9

The interior design of the Tiggo 9 PHEV features a modern and spacious interior, as well as details that emphasize hybrid technology.  There are features such as a digital instrument panel, touch-screen infotainment systems and controls that make it easier to switch to hybrid driving modes. The materials used in the interior design of the vehicle are soft and high-quality materials. There is also seat heating and ventilation in the vehicle.

The back of the Chery Tiggo 9 is very wide, and the knee and head distance are quite comfortable. The overall design of the Chery Tiggo 9 PHEV is remarkable both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, while at the same time aiming to provide an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly driving experience.

Detailed Technical Specifications of Chery Tiggo 9 PHEV


Chery Tiggo 9 PHEV

Vehicle Class

SUV (Awd)

engine capacity


Passenger Capacity



456 beygir 385 Nm tork

Cruise Control

There is

type of fuel



1400 Km

Average Fuel

100km 5,2 litre 


There is

Vehicle Length


Vehicle width

1925 mm

Vehicle Height

1741 mm

Electric Tailgate

There is

Electric Seats

There is

Driver Welcome Feature

There is

Emergency braking system

There is

Vehicle Blind Spot Warning

There is

15.6 inch Screen

There is

We have researched the detailed technical specifications of Chert Tiggo 9 above for you. Since Chert Tiggo 9 is not yet available on the Turkish Sunday, some of its features may change. We will update our article when it changes.

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