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Ankara Digital Zoo

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Ankara Digital Zoo

About Ankara Digital Zoo

Ankara Digital Zoo is a facility opened in 2023 by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in the Atatürk Forest Farm (AOÇ) Wildlife Park and is considered the most comprehensive digital zoo in the world. in this facility, which has an indoor area of 5 thousand square meters, more than 100 animal species from 7 different continents and more than 5 thousand live animals are presented to visitors with the latest technology.

Ankara Digital Zoo

Ankara Digital Zoo Sightseeing Route

The Meeting of Technology and Wildlife With the meeting of technology with nature and the transformation of people's experience of exploring wildlife, traditional zoos are now leaving their places to digital platforms. The latest example of this evolution is the Ankara Digital Zoo. Ankara Digital Zoo stands out as an innovative project that aims to replace traditional zoos.

This digital zoo aims to provide a platform that encourages people to experience wildlife more closely and interact with the natural world. Meeting of Technology and Wildlife Ankara Digital Zoo offers a unique experience to visitors by using the latest virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (Dec) technologies. Visitors have the opportunity to explore not real animals, as in traditional zoos, but virtual created wildlife.

The Interior of the Ankara Digital Zoo

Interactive Experiences and Education Ankara Digital Zoo aims to create education and awareness by offering interactive experiences to visitors. Visitors can walk through the African savannas, explore the Amazon rainforest and see glaciers in the polar regions through virtual reality glasses. At the same time, they become aware of the protection of natural life and the welfare of animals through interactive screens containing detailed information about each habitat.

An Environmentally Friendly Experience Ankara Digital Zoo aims to contribute to the protection of natural life by providing an environmentally friendly experience. Instead of the large space and resources required for traditional zoos, digital platforms are used to contribute to the protection of natural life and the welfare of animals.

What to Do at the Digital Zoo

Ankara Digital Zoo Technological Images
  • You can explore different kinds of animals with 8K3D and VR technology.
  • You can observe how animals live in their natural environment.
  • You can learn about animals through interactive kiosks.
  • Hologramlar ile nesli tükenmekte olan hayvanları görebilirsiniz. 
  • You can play fun and educational games.

How to get to Ankara Digital Zoo?

Transportation from anywhere in Ankara is possible by bus, taxi and metro. Bus services are available from AŞTI and Esenboğa Airport. By taking advantage of car rental options, you can add comfort to your sightseeing plan in Ankara and its surroundings.

Ankara Digital Zoo Fun Stories

Contact: 0535 045 60

Visiting Hours:

  • Monday 10:00-17:30 
  • Tuesdays 10:00-17:30 
  • Wednesday 10:00-17:30 
  • Thursday 10:00-17:30 
  • Friday 10:00-17:30 
  • Saturday 10:00-17:30 
  • Sunday 10:00-17:30

Admission to the Ankara digital zoo is free, but I recommend that you do not go without an appointment. Can you get your appointment from the appointment system of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality?

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