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Eyüp, one of the districts of Istanbul with rich cultural and historical textures, continues to grow with the historical and natural beauties of thousands of people every year. Eyüp is famous for its historical texture, traditional atmosphere, and magnificent landscapes.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque and Tomb is one of the most important historical landmarks of the district. The peaceful courtyard of the mausoleum and the historical atmosphere of the mosque offers the opportunity to explore the admiration for the past of the governed Istanbul. This sacred trading visit is a constant continuation of the devotion of both the local people and the detachment to Job.

İstanbul Eyüp

Pierre Loti Hill is an ideal spot for those who want to see the panoramic view of Eyüp. From the hill, it is possible to see the identities of the Golden Horn, the historical skyline of the city, and the beauties of the Bosphorus. Pierre Loti Hill has amazing moments when combined with a romantic coffee-drinking experience.

However, Eyüp attracts attention not only with its historical places but also with its various shopping and entertainment opportunities. Eyup Shopping and Entertainment Center is an attractive point of interest for shopping enthusiasts with its modern shops and traditional Sundays. In addition, the shops decorated with traditional handicrafts on the streets of the district are like a treasure waiting to be discovered by those who like to shop.

Istanbul Eyüp Car Rental

The bankruptcy of Istanbul can sometimes be intense, but daily car rental services are quite advantageous to visit and leave Eyüp. Daily car rental is an ideal solution, especially for those who want to pass through the narrow streets of Eyüp and leave the hidden beauties of the district.

Convenient car rental services provide freedom and flexibility. It is a practical option for those who want to visit other tourist areas outside of Eyüp. Choosing between the car rental options allows you to easily Decamp to other attractions in the vicinity as well as explore Eyup. You can compare thousands of cars with one click and take advantage of the cheapest car rental options from Istanbul Eyup.

As a result, Istanbul Eyüp is a district that stands out with its historical and cultural riches. Eyüp, which is a paradise for both history lovers and lovers of natural beauties, provides management security with daily car rental opportunities. They will take the time to separate Eyüp, they will accumulate strong memories in the unique atmosphere of this neighborhood.

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