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Discover The History And Present Of Tekirdağ Corlu

Located in the heart of Tekirdağ, Çorlu is teeming with streets smelling of history, ancient ruins and modern life. Çorlu, with its deep-rooted past, almost resembles a history book. This city, which dates from the Roman Empire period to the present day, presents another story at every step.

Tekirdağ Çorlu 

The historical atmosphere of the Roman-era Agora is an important stop that will allow you to feel the cultural texture of the city. In addition, Çorlu Houses and Harapgazi Bastion, which bear the traces of the Ottoman Empire, are also unmissable places for history enthusiasts.

How to Get to Çorlu?

Transportation to Çorlu is quite easy and it is about 100 kilometers from Istanbul. The most practical option to go from Istanbul to Corlu is car rental services to enjoy the freedom. Creating your own plan, renting a car may be the most suitable option for you to get to the places you want freely. Tekirdağ Çorlu Airport is also 10 kilometers from the city center.

Tekirdağ Corlu Car Rental

One of the most ideal options for exploring Çorlu is cheap car rental services. There is a car rental company in the city that we are working with. With daily car rental options, you can roam freely, visit historical sites and create your own pace and schedule.

Many car rental companies in Çorlu offer affordable options. You can easily travel around the city by renting a car that is both suitable for your budget and comfortable. Car rental prices are usually offered in daily, weekly or monthly packages, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Places to Visit Historical and Natural Beauties

Çorlu has the characteristic of being a city where history and nature embrace. There are natural beauties as well as historical points such as the Roman Agora, the historical Çorlu Houses, the Harapgazi Bastion. In addition, the parks, natural ponds and green areas in the city center are among the ideal places for a quiet break. Dec.

History and Modernity are Intertwined in Çorlu

Çorlu has the characteristic of being a city that blends history and modernity. This travel guide, combined with affordable car rental options, promises an unforgettable experience to those who want to explore Çorlu.

Rent a car immediately to travel around the city at your own pace and freedom and experience this unique experience. By focusing on the history and beauties of Çorlu, it also highlights the car rental options. We wish you a good trip!

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