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Samsun Atakum Discover the History and the Present

Atakum, the pearl of Samsun, is a district that fascinates its visitors with its streets smelling of history, warm-hearted people and tremendously beautiful beaches. Atakum hosts a rich history extending from ancient historical periods to the present day.

Samsun Atakum

It is known that the first traces of settlement date back to 7000 BC. Atakum has hosted different civilizations over time, which has increased the cultural richness of the region. While exploring the historical buildings and old streets, you will have a unique experience that combines the past and present of Atakum.

Atakum Transportation and Places to Visit

Transportation to Atakum is quite easy. Located just a short distance from the center of Samsun, Atakum can also be easily visited with the city transportation network. With its beaches, parks and historical sites, Atakum attracts nature and history lovers.

You can easily reach Atakum from Samsun city center by buses and minibuses. You can also reach Atakum by taxi or bus from Samsun Çarşamba Airport. The golden sands of Atakum Beach are at the top of the list of places to visit. In addition, historical mosques and museums also offer excellent spots for a cultural trip.

Samsun Atakum Car Rental

The most convenient and free option for exploring Atakum is car rental. Many car rental companies that we work with in Atakum provide services at affordable prices. With daily car rental options, you can roam freely, explore historical and natural beauties. With affordable car rental options, you will have the opportunity to travel around Atakum without straining your budget.

Affordable Car Rental Tips in Atakum

It is important to book early and follow the campaign periods in order to take advantage of the cheap car rental opportunities in Atakum. by comparing thousands of vehicles with one click from the website, you can create your reservation by prepaying the cheapest vehicle to your budget.

In addition, by comparing different car rental options, you can choose the one that suits you best. With daily car rental options, you can have the chance to explore Atakum comfortably and safely while protecting your budget. While exploring the history and natural beauties unique to Atakum, you can enjoy freedom with affordable car rental.

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