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Mersin Tarsus Discover The History And The Present

Mersin is a city located on the southern coast of Turkey and attracts attention with its historical and cultural riches. Tarsus is almost an open-air museum with thousands of years of history. This city, which has remained under the influence of many civilizations from the ancient Roman period to the present, is known for its historical texture. When you are on your way to Mersin, visiting Tarsus is a great opportunity to explore this rich historical heritage.

Mersin Tarsus 

Mersin Tarsus Transportation

Mersin and Tarsus are famous for their natural beauties and historical places. Transportation to places to visit is an important factor for exploring the inner city and surrounding areas. Transportation to Tarsus is quite easy. The city is 30 km from Mersin and 60 km from Adana. You can reach Mersin Adana Airport by plane and Tarsus from Mersin or Adana by bus.

City transportation in Tarsus is provided by buses and minibuses. Taxi and car rental are a common transportation option.

Tarsus of Mersin Places to Visit

Mersin is known for its long coastline, which is embraced by the cool waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Especially the coastal towns such as Silifke and Anamur stand out with their clean beaches and natural beauties. Jul. With a rented car, you can easily reach these areas and enjoy the unique views.

  • The Historical Port of Mersin

The Port of Mersin is an important point that brings together historical and modern Decors. Here you can see the historical caravanserais and cool off in the cafes by the sea. In terms of transportation, in addition to bus and taxi options in the city, car rental is also a practical choice.

  • The Ancient Roman Road

When you reach Mersin, you can follow the Ancient Roman Road to follow the historical traces of Tarsus. This road was used as an important trade route in ancient times. Exploring this path Decently on foot or by renting a car will offer an unforgettable journey among historical monuments and ruins.

  • Tarsus Museum

If you want to get to know the history of Tarsus more closely, you should visit the Tarsus Museum. The museum offers a historical journey to visitors by displaying many ancient artifacts recovered from the region. Mosaics, sculptures and ancient inscriptions illuminate the rich cultural past of Tarsus.

Mersin Tarsus Car Rental

When choosing a car rental service in Mersin, cheap prices as well as reliable and high-quality service are important. The rental company and the national brand we are cooperating with offer services with various vehicle models and price options. You can make a comparison over the Internet and find the most suitable tool for your needs at an affordable price.

Affordable car rental options are very convenient for exploring Mersin and visiting historical sites. Daily rental options allow you to move freely within the time period you specify.

Advantages of Tarsus Daily Rental

Daily car rental is an ideal option for short-term visits or heavy use on certain days. It is a practical and economical solution for both tourist trips and business trips. Besides, by making your reservation in advance from the website, you can both take advantage of the price advantages and guarantee the vehicle you want.

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