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Mersin Pozcu Discover The History And The Present

It is one of the regions of Mersin that sheds light on its history and stands out with its rich cultural heritage. Pozcu, which has an important place in the history pages of Mersin, is known for its historical richness dating from ancient times to the present.

Mersin Pozcu

With its ruins and historical buildings dating from the ancient Roman period, Pozcu is a paradise for history enthusiasts. Its location near the center of the city facilitates access to historical textures and offers visitors the opportunity to travel almost in a time tunnel. Poscu is known not only for its history, but also for its modern buildings and lively atmosphere. It is known for its modern cafes, shopping malls and entertainment venues located in the city center.

Mersin Pozcu Transportation Status

Transportation to Pozcu is quite easy. Its proximity to the city center of Mersin provides convenient transportation both by your own car and by public transport. Mersin's wide and regular transportation network makes it even easier to discover the Poser. After reaching Adana Şakirpaşa Airport, which is 60 kilometers away from Mersin, you can go to Pozcu by bus or taxi.

Mersin Poscu Places to Visit

There are many historical and natural beauties in Pozcu. The most important of these are:

  • Anavarza Ancient City: This ancient city belonging to the Roman Period is one of the best preserved ancient cities of Anatolia. There are many buildings in the city, such as agoras, temples, baths and a theater.
  • Kanlıdivane: Located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, this waterfall has a charming atmosphere with its natural beauty.
  • Tarsus Waterfall: Tarsus Waterfall is an ideal place for nature walks and picnics.
  • Pozcu Museum: The museum, where artifacts related to the history and culture of the region are exhibited, is an ideal place to explore the Pozcu's past.

Mersin Pozcu Car Rental

Cheap car rental options are very important to explore Mersin Pozciu. Daily car rental, rent a car companies that we work with in Pozcu with their options, have a comfortable travel experience.

Experience the opportunity to freely explore the city with affordable car rental options while exploring the charming atmosphere of Posci. An unforgettable experience is waiting for you in this unique region of Mersin. Many rent a car companies in Pozcu offer different car rental options. You can rent passenger cars, commercial vehicles, SUVs and luxury vehicles.

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