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Mersin Erdemli Discover the History and the Present

Mersin's pearl Erdemli is famous for both its historical texture and natural beauties. The history of the virtuous goes back thousands of years. The ruins of the ancient Roman period offer an in-depth look at the history of the city.

Mersin Erdemli

Especially Kizkalesi is one of the important buildings bearing the traces of the ancient period. At the same time, the artifacts left over from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods also reflect the cultural richness of the region. In order to understand the history of the virtuous, it is also important to visit the Caves of Heaven and Hell. These caves were used in ancient times and today offer a unique atmosphere to their visitors.

Virtuous State of Transportation

Transportation to Erdemli is quite easy. After many trips to Mersin, the city transportation is also very convenient. Public transportation, tours to tourist areas and car rental options offer various transportation alternatives to visitors.

Car rental is an ideal option, especially for those who want to explore Erdemliyi to other tourist places around. Car rental, which offers the opportunity to travel both comfortably and independently, gives visitors a sense of freedom.

Places that Can Be Visited Virtuously

There are many places in Erdemlı that stand out with their natural beauties and historical texture. Kizkalesi has an eye-catching view on the Erdemli coast. At the same time, the ruins of the Kanlıdivane Ancient City are also waiting to be discovered for history enthusiasts.

Some of the places that can be visited Virtuously;

  • Ancient City of Anemurium
  • Kanlıdivane Ancient City
  • Olba Ancient City
  • Kizkalesi
  • Ayaş Beach
  • Narlikuyu Beach
  • Tarsus Waterfall

Mersin Erdemli Car Rental

While exploring Erdemli, you can easily travel around the region with cheap car rental options. Daily car rental services allow you to explore the city at your own pace. In addition, you can find an alternative that suits your budget by choosing Decoupling from different car rental options.

Daily car rental options in Erdemli are offered in a wide range. Mersin Erdemli and the surrounding areas are easily accessible by vehicles, a comfortable and fast trip and hold your business meetings.

Affordable Car Rental in Erdemli

Affordable car rental options in the area are ideal for those who want to plan a budget-friendly vacation. By comparing between different vehicle models, you can find the most suitable option and have an economical travel experience. Dec.

It is possible to spend an unforgettable holiday with Erdemlı's historical beauties, natural riches and affordable car rental options. This city, which is the meeting point of both history lovers and nature lovers, is waiting for its visitors every season. Travel, see, explore!

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