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Mersin Çiftlikköy Discover the History and the Present

Mersin is a city famous for its historical riches and natural beauties. Çiftlikköy is home to a rich history dating from ancient times to the present day. The ancient ruins in the village offer a time travel dating from the Hellenistic period to the Ottoman Empire.

Mersin Çiftlikköy

Transportation Status of the Farm

Transportation to Çiftlikköy is quite easy. Bus services from Mersin city center to the village and transportation options by private car are available. In addition, you can easily reach Çiftlikköy from Mersin city center with car rental services.

Farmköy Places to Visit

For lovers of history, the ancient city of Anemurium is a must-see place. Nature lovers, on the other hand, can enjoy the magnificent beaches of Çiftlikköy, the green valleys and the view of the Taurus Mountains. There are also many activities in the region such as water sports, trekking, cycling and camping.

Ancient Theater: The ancient theater, one of the most important historical riches of Çiftlikköy, is fascinating with its architectural beauties. Walking around here in an atmosphere that smells of history will make you feel the traces of antiquity.

Nature Walks: The hiking trails surrounded by natural beauties around the village offer an ideal activity for nature lovers. Nature walks in fresh air and greenery will give visitors peaceful moments Jul.

Sunday Sunday: The local market of Çiftlikköy is overflowing with local products, handicrafts and fresh fruits and vegetables. You can visit to witness the daily life of the village and discover the local products.

Mersin Çiftlikkoy Car Rental

While exploring Mersin Çiftlikköy, cheap car rental options will offer you freedom and flexibility. With daily rental services, you can easily reach the places you want and get the chance to discover the hidden beauties in the village. Daily rental options give visitors the freedom to create their own schedules.

Information Store about Car Rental

There are many car rentals in Mersin Çiftlikköy that we work with at affordable prices. By following the campaigns for different car models and rental periods, you can find an option that suits your budget. It is both affordable and adds flexibility to your plans.

Mersin Çiftlikköy, add comfort to your holiday plans with its historical riches, natural beauties and affordable car rental options. If you want to follow both historical trails and enjoy nature. Make your plans, rent your car and get ready to explore the history and nature of Mersin Çiftlikköy.

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