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Discover The Present And History of Izmir Işıkkent

Izmir is known as a city with historical riches located in the west of Turkey. In this city, Işıkkent district attracts attention with its streets smelling of history and many navigable places. Işıkkent, located in the Bornova district of Izmir, is one of the most important industrial and commercial centers of the city. Işıkkent, which has been developing since the 1950s, provides employment to thousands of people today.

İzmir Işıkkent 

Işıkkent is a district that attracts attention with its unique historical heritage and atmosphere. With its historical streets and traditional architecture dating back to the Ottoman period, Işıkkent takes a journey through the tunnel of time. While the historical buildings on the narrow streets carry the traces of the past to the present, they offer a unique experience to the visitors.

Işıkkent Transportation System

Transportation to Işıkkent is quite easy and arrival to this region is easy thanks to the extensive transportation network within the city. Public transportation, taxi and especially car rental options provide an ideal transportation for those who want to explore Işıkkent. When you reach Işıkkent, historical mosques, inns, bazaars and many other navigable places will be waiting for you.

Navigable Places of Işıkkent

Işıkkent is a paradise for history and culture enthusiasts. The historical mosques, inns and bazaars belonging to the Ottoman period in the region offer a great variety in terms of architecture. Sundays Decently stand out among the places to visit in Işıkkent, especially historical monuments, handicraft workshops and traditional markets. While walking around these areas, you will feel a unique atmosphere in which the past and the present come together Decently.

In Işıkkent, some of the navigable places are:

Atatürk House and Museum: Atatürk House and Museum opens the house where this conversation was held to visitors.
Bornova Industrial Museum: Bornova Industrial Museum is a museum that tells the industrial history of Izmir.
Bornova Kültürpark: Bornova Kültürpark is one of the largest parks in Izmir.
Işıkkent Park: Işıkkent Park is a park located in the center of Işıkkent. There are sports fields, playgrounds and cafes in the park.

Izmir Işıkkent Car Rental

If you want to explore Işıkkent, the car rental option offers you freedom and flexibility. Many rent a car rental companies that we cooperate with in Izmir offer daily rental and long-term rental options at cheap prices. In this way, you will have the opportunity to explore the beauties of Işıkkent and its surroundings according to your own pace and plan.

Işıkkent Daily Rental and Its Advantages

Daily car rental is an ideal option for those who want to visit Işıkkent in detail. Vehicles rented at affordable prices allow you to move around freely. In addition, if you want to explore the surrounding areas outside of Işıkkent, the daily rental option will give you a great advantage.

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