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Istanbul Yeniköy is the Meeting Point of History and Modern Life

Istanbul is a unique city with its historical and cultural riches, natural beauties and modern living opportunities. Yenikoy, one of the districts in this charming city, is a historic district located on the northern shore of the Bosphorus. Take advantage of the historical, natural beauties, transportation opportunities and cheap car rental options in Yenikoy, one of the most popular locations in Istanbul.

İstanbul Yeniköy

Yenikoy Car Rental

One of the most ideal methods to explore Yeniköy is to take advantage of car rental options at an affordable price. Istanbul Yenikoy car rental services help visitors to explore all the beauties of the district by offering them the opportunity to move freely. Rent the cheapest car to your budget by comparing thousands of cars with Yeniköy and Sariyer Car Rental locations with one click.

Yenikoy Transportation and Practical Information

Yenikoy, which is one of the central locations of Istanbul, is also very advantageous in terms of transportation. Get around comfortably by private car at the same time in this neighborhood, which is easily accessible by public transport.

Places to Visit in Yeniköy

Yeniköy is known for its historical and natural beauties. It is known for its hills with a unique view of the Bosphorus, historical mansions and walking trails in greenery. In addition, museums and art galleries that shed light on the history of the district also offer visitors a cultural experience.

  • Yenikoy Mosque

Yeniköy Mosque, a historical mosque belonging to the Ottoman period, is known for its architectural elegance and details in its interior. The mosque is an excellent stopping point for those who want to understand the history of the district and satisfy their interest in the Ottoman period.

  • Yenikoy Square and Tea Gardens

The square, located in the center of the district, is famous for its cafes and tea gardens. You can sit here, drink traditional Turkish tea and feel the atmosphere of the district more closely.

  • Yeniköy Historical Mansions

Yeniköy is famous for its historical mansions. These mansions offer important information about the history of the district. Some of them are used as museums and give visitors the opportunity to take a trip to the past.

  • Yenikoy Fishermen and Seafood Restaurants

Fishing boats located on the coast of the Bosphorus provide fresh ingredients to the famous seafood restaurants of Yenikoy. You can choose one of these restaurants to try the delicious fish of the district.

  • Yenikoy Art Galleries

The district is home to art galleries that are special from each other. You can explore the works of local artists, there are impressions of local culture.

  • Picnic Areas in Yenikoy

The green areas of the district are ideal for those who want to have a picnic. You can choose these areas to spend a pleasant day with your family or loved ones.

Daily Car Rental in Yenikoy

Daily car rental options give visitors the freedom to create their own schedules. Whether it's to visit the historical sites of Yenikoy, to drink coffee in a nice cafe, daily car rental adds comfort.

Yenikoy Affordable Car Rental

It is quite possible to find suitable car rental price options in Istanbul Yeniköy. Thus, by renting a vehicle suitable for your budget, you can enjoy a comfortable and economical transportation. For those who want to explore Istanbul, Yeniköy continues to offer a unique combination of history, nature and modern life.

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