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Discover The History And Present Of Istanbul Yenikapi

Istanbul is a unique city where historical riches and modern life come together Decently. One of the points where this fascinating inner city, history and the present come together is Yenikap Dec. Yenikapı is a rich historical and transportation center during the course of the conquest development of the Ottoman Empire. With both its historical texture and the current transportation time, Yenikapı contains many beauties that are worth exploring.

Yenikapi is a district of Istanbul that has witnessed a period and hosted many important events. The conquest of Istanbul by the Ottoman Empire provided the historical scene of Yenikapı. Even today, you can take a walk through the streets of Yenikapı intertwined with the ongoing history.

İstanbul Yenikapı

Yenikapı Transportation Facilities

Yenikapi, located in Istanbul, has a fairly wide December in terms of transportation. This area provides easy access to public transportation, you can quickly get around the city. Metro, tram and bus lines are the elements that strengthen the transportation network of Yenikapı. It is also a practical alternative for those who are thinking of exploring this loss in car rental options.

Places to Visit in Yenikapı

There are many places to visit around Yenikapı. Historical buildings, museums, parks and open air areas provide easy moments for management. You can visit the buildings of Istanbul that have witnessed a period, and you can take a trip to the past in museums.

Some of the places to visit and see in Yenikapi;

  • Yenikapi Museum: The Yenikapi Museum, one of the most important museums in Istanbul, houses artifacts belonging to the Byzantine period.
  • Fatih Mosque: Fatih Mosque, one of the most important mosques of the Ottoman Empire, was founded by Sultan II. It was built by Mehmed.
  • Basilica Cistern: The Basilica Cistern, one of the most important water reservoirs of the Byzantine Empire, is an important tourist destination today.
  • Galata Tower: It is one of the most important icons of Istanbul.
  • Istanbul Modern Art Museum: It is one of the most important modern art museums in Turkey.

Istanbul Yenikapi Car Rental

Yenikapi is an important region of Istanbul in terms of history, culture and transportation. With many historical buildings and transportation options located in the region, Yenikapi is a great location for those who want to explore Istanbul.

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Yenikapi Affordable Car Rental

Yenikapi price affordable car rental services offer affordable options. You can explore and explore as you wish with daily car rental options. In addition, it is important to have information about car rental rights. 0850 888 66 55 Customer Support Line You can make car rental reservations 24/7 and ask your questions.

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