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Silivri is a district located on the European side of Istanbul. Silivri, which is approximately 70 kilometers away from the city center, is located on the coast of the Marmara Sea and is bordered by Çatalca to the east and Tekirdağ to the west.

İstanbul Silivri

Silivri is a region famous for its natural beauty, sea tourism, beaches, and beaches. It is one of the frequent destinations of tourists from Istanbul and surrounding provinces, especially in the summer months, and the beaches and facilities on the Silivri coast are preferred for the pleasure of sea, sun, and sand. Istanbul Silivri also attracts attention with its historical and cultural riches. There are historical and archaeological sites such as Silivri Castle located within the district borders, Kumburgaz Cave from the ancient period, and Selim Pasha Castle located in Selim Pasha. You can carry out your travels and business meetings by taking advantage of Istanbul Silivri car rental options. You can also add comfort to your travel plan by taking advantage of car rental options in Silivri, which is 40 km away from Istanbul Airport.

Agriculture and animal husbandry also make important contributions to Silivri's economy. In the district, where agricultural areas are large, agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, grains, olives, and grapes are grown. Livestock farming is also carried out on large farms in the district.

About Istanbul Silivri Transportation

In terms of transportation, public transportation options are limited since Silivri is far from Istanbul's center. However, the E-5 highway and TEM highway pass through the district and make transportation easier. Reaching Silivri with bus lines operated by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is also possible. It is possible to reach Silivri by Metrobus to Tüyap stop in Istanbul Büyükçekmece and from there by buses and minibusses connected to IMM.

Istanbul Silivri Car Rental

Istanbul Silivri is a great location for those who want to escape the city with their loved ones. You can benefit from Istanbul Silivri Car Rental options and add comfort to your trip and travel plan. You can also benefit from car rental options in Silivri, which is located close to Istanbul Airport. Istanbul Silivri car rental compares thousands of vehicles with a single click and shows you the cheapest vehicle, and you can make a prepaid reservation. You can contact the Customer Support line and create information and reservations. While benefiting from car rental services, do not forget to follow the campaigns section of Discover, Rent, Enjoy!

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