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A Look at the History and Present of Istanbul Okmeydan

Okmeydanı, one of the historical districts of Istanbul, hosted the top casting workshops of the Ottoman Empire. For this reason, the name of the district has passed as "ok square" and has witnessed many important events throughout history. Today, this district still attracts attention with its streets and buildings that bear the traces of the past.

The historical texture of Okmeydani offers visitors a time travel. The old buildings, historical places and streets of the district give the atmosphere of the past. For history enthusiasts, getting lost in the streets of Okmeydani can further increase the admiration for the city's past.

Okmeydanı, while preserving its historical texture, also houses modern amenities. Various cafes, restaurants and shopping spots in the district's square are the meeting point of local residents and visitors. In addition, cultural events organized by the residents of the district add color to the social life of Okmeydani.

Today, Okmeydanı is known not only for its history, but also for its dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. The streets of the district offer a variety of activities for those who want to enjoy both daytime and night time.

İstanbul Okmeydanı 

Istanbul Okmeydani Car Rental

Car rental services in Istanbul Okmeydani are an indispensable option for those who want to explore the city. Car rental options allow both domestic and international visitors to move freely around the city. Exploring the streets of Istanbul with modern and comfortable vehicles can make the experience of Okmeydani and Sisli Car rental services even more special.

Car rental options provide a great advantage for those who are thinking of visiting Okmeydani. If you want to easily reach other tourist areas around the district and travel at your own pace. you can compare millions with one click on the website and make your reservation by prepaying the cheapest car to your budget.

Discover Istanbul Okmeydani, Places to Visit

Okmeydanı attracts visitors not only with its historical and modern texture, but also with its places that can be visited. Tea gardens in the district square are a great choice for those who want to taste local delicacies. In addition, the historical mosques, museums and parks located around the district also have beauties waiting to be discovered. When you decide to visit Okmeydani, exploring the streets around the square can be an unforgettable experience.

When you come to Istanbul Okmeydani, you will find Ihlamur pavilion, Ataturk museum, Maçka Park, Kanyon Avm, Metrocity Avm, etc. you can do many historical, cultural and social events. you can add comfort and color to your trip and travel plan by taking advantage of the website, daily and monthly car rental options.

Transportation Status to Istanbul Okmeydani

With the central location of Istanbul, it is quite easy to reach Okmeydani. The area can be easily accessed by public transport, taxi and private cars. Since the urban transportation network is quite developed, there are many alternatives to go to Okmeydani. car rental services are also widely available in Okmeydani, which is an ideal option for those who want to travel freely.

Explore Okmeydani with Daily Car Rental

The historical Okmeydan of Istanbul attracts attention not only with its historical texture, but also with its modern facilities. The daily car rental option for making trips to Istanbul or business meetings may be the ideal solution for you. You can compare thousands of vehicles with one click and book the cheapest vehicle for your budget.

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