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Discover the Modern Life and History of Istanbul Kozyatağı

Istanbul is home to many different regions with its history-smelling texture and modern lifestyle. Kozyatagi, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, is a region that has hosted different civilizations throughout history. Today, it attracts attention with its modern buildings, shopping malls and business centers.

For those who want to explore the history of Kozyatağı, visit the historical buildings that bear traces of the deep-rooted past of the district. Fountains, historical mansions and walls dating from the Ottoman period are important elements reflecting the history of Kozyatağı. These historical riches offer visitors the opportunity to understand the cultural heritage of the district.

Kozyatagi Transportation and Location

Considering the complex traffic conditions of Istanbul, the transportation advantages of Kozyatağı are of great importance. The district is connected by metro and bus lines, which allows visitors to easily reach other parts of the city. Kozyatagi, which offers easy access to the Bosphorus Bridge and the July 15 Martyrs Bridge due to its location, saves time for visitors.

Places to Visit Kozyatagi

Kozyatagi is not only full of business centers, but also places to visit. The district's parks, shopping malls and cultural events offer visitors a variety of options. In addition, its proximity to historical and cultural places is one of the features that make Kozyatağı special.

Shopping malls located in the district are home to stores where you can find products of local artisans as well as world brands. In addition, the parks and green areas of the district are ideal recreation spots for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The main places to visit in the region are:

  • Küçükyalı Mosque: 16. Küçükyalı Mosque, built in the century, is one of the most important historical buildings of Kozyatağı.
  • Küçükyalı Beach Park: Küçükyalı Beach Park, one of the most popular parks in the region.
  • Kozyatagi Cultural Center: Kozyatagi Cultural Center, which hosts the cultural and artistic events of the region.
  • Optimum Outlet: Optimum Outlet, one of the largest shopping centers in Istanbul, is the center.
  • Bağdat Caddesi: Bağdat Caddesi, located right next to Kozyatağı, is one of the most popular shopping streets in Istanbul.

Istanbul Kozyatagi Car Rental

While exploring Istanbul, you want to walk freely and make the most of your time. This becomes possible with cheap car rental options in Kozyatagi. With daily car rental options, you can easily reach important points in the city and use your time more effectively. Compare thousands of vehicles with one click on the website and create a prepaid reservation for the cheapest vehicle in your budget. Add comfort to your travel and job interviews.

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