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Discover the History and Present of Istanbul Ikitelli

Istanbul is a city that has been home to many civilizations throughout history and has built bridges. You can find modern life intertwined with history in many districts of this charming city. Ikitelli is one of the prominent areas in this rich mosaic of Istanbul.

Ikitelli is a neighborhood located on the European side of Istanbul. Throughout history, Rome and Byzantium Im. it was hosted by, and then became an important part of the Ottoman Empire. Today, this region attracts attention with modern industrial facilities, business centers and residential areas. As an example of modern life intertwined with history, Ikitelli offers a unique experience to visitors.

Transportation Status

Ikitelli is located integrated into the wide transportation network of Istanbul. Public transportation, especially metro and bus lines, connect the region with the city center. In addition, if you prefer to travel by rental car, there is a car rental company in Ikitelli that we work with.

Transportation to Ikitelli can be provided by metro, bus, minibus and taxi. You can reach the M7 line for transportation by metro. For transportation by bus, you can arrive by 76O, 76Y, 76V and 76Z lines. For transportation by minibus, you can arrive by using the 365, 366, 367 and 368 lines.

Places to Visit

Ikitelli is located at the junction point of history and nature. The historical churches and mosques of the district offer visitors the opportunity to take a trip to the past. In addition, various parks and green areas are ideal for those who want to spend time intertwined with nature.

  • Edirnekapı Edirnekapı, one of the key points of the conquest of Istanbul, stands out with its historical castle and walls.
  • Yenikapi Mosque: 16. Yenikapı Mosque, which was built in the century, is one of the important works of Ottoman architecture.
  • Küçükçekmece Lake: Küçükçekmece Lake, one of the largest lakes in Istanbul, picnic with the promenade areas around it, etc. there are activities.
  • Ikitelli Cultural Center: There are Ikitelli Cultural Center, theater, cinema, concert venues that host the cultural events of the region.

Istanbul Ikitelli Car Rental

While exploring Istanbul, you may want to travel freely with your own car. There are companies that we are working with that provide car rental services in Ikitelli. Companies offer different vehicle models and price options.

For affordable car rental options you can make a reservation through the website. You can choose the cheapest one for your needs from various options such as daily car rental, weekly or monthly rentals. Dec. Thanks to this, it will be possible to explore the city at your own pace.

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