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Rent a Car in Istanbul Gültepe

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Discover the History of Istanbul Gültepe

Gültepe, a rising district in the heart of Istanbul, is a unique region that combines the heritage it has received from its history with modern life. It fascinates those who come with its historical texture, old buildings dating back to the Ottoman period and traditional atmosphere. Even today, the historical traces, architectural structures and cultural heritage in the district are full of stories.

Gültepe Car Rental

Istanbul Gültepe is a district full of historical richness and opportunities offered by modern life. Visitors can take advantage of the opportunity to explore the historical and cultural heritage, spend time with various activities and affordable car rental options. Those who visit Gültepe and Kağıthane will fully enjoy the beauties of this unique district.

There are cheap car rental options for those who want to explore Gültepe in a more comprehensive way. Various packages, ranging from daily car rental to weekly car rental options, offer visitors the opportunity to explore the district freely. The competitive prices of the rent a car companies we are working with in Gültepe and the wide vehicle fleet add comfort to the visitors.

Gültepe Transportation Status

Gültepe's transportation facilities provide easy access to the inner and outer cities. The main arteries of the district and public transport give visitors the opportunity to explore the city and conveniently reach other areas. In addition, nearby car rental companies, metro stations bus stops make transportation even easier.

Places to Visit in Gültepe

Gültepe Mosque is one of the important religious places of the district. This mosque, which attracts attention with its architectural elegance, reflects a historical and cultural richness. Gültepe Park is an ideal recreation area for those who want to explore the natural beauties of the district.

Gültepe Park

Gültepe Park is an excellent option for those who want to spend time intertwined with nature. The park, equipped with green areas, recreational areas and children's playgrounds, offers a peaceful atmosphere of the district.

Gültepe Shopping Streets

The shopping streets in Gültepe are ideal places to discover the products of local artisans and experience the lively atmosphere of the district. Traditional Sundays, small shops and cafes color the streets of the district.

Belgrade Forest

The Belgrade Forest, located around Gültepe, is great for those who want to make a getaway intertwined with nature. With its hiking trails, picnic areas and fresh air, this forest offers a peaceful escape for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Jul.

The Bosphorus Bridge and its Surroundings

A stroll from Gültepe to the Bosphorus Bridge and its surroundings offers a great opportunity to see the unique view of Istanbul. You can take a walk on the bridge or watch the beauties of the Bosphorus by sitting in cafes.

Walking around the shopping streets, exploring the products of local artisans and spending time in cafes is a great way to experience the lively atmosphere of Gültepe. You can take advantage of car rental services to explore the hidden beauties of Gültepe.

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