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About Goztepe, the Hidden Paradise of Istanbul

Goztepe, the pearl of the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, is a charming district with both its historical texture and modern living opportunities. Add comfort to your trip by taking advantage of Göztepe's attractions, transportation opportunities and affordable car rental options.

Places to Visit in Istanbul Goztepe

Goztepe is home to many places that fascinate visitors with its historical texture. One of them is Goztepe 60. It is the Year Park. This park offers a quiet atmosphere with its rich green areas and a pond.

Goztepe Park is also an important point that brings together the historical and natural beauties of the district. Dec. Goztepe is also famous for its historical fountains. While walking around the district, you may encounter fountains belonging to the Ottoman period and examine these historical structures closely.

İstanbul Göztepe 60. Yıl Parkı

Goztepe Park, which has a historical atmosphere, attracts attention with its old plane trees and authentic architecture. You can sit in the cafes in the park and drink tea. The house where the famous writer Sait Faik Abasıyanık lived has been opened to visitors as a museum. You can find details about the author's works in the atmosphere of the house.

Goztepe Art Gallery presents the works of local artists. By following the exhibitions, you can get involved in the cultural atmosphere of the district. Bağdat Caddesi, which is quite close to Göztepe, is famous for its luxury shops, cafes and restaurants. You can shop or feel the energy of the city.

Istanbul Goztepe Car Rental

One of the most affordable price options for exploring Göztepe is car rental services. Daily rental is possible with the cheapest car options. Thus, you can travel freely around the district, you can easily get to the points you want.

If you have come to Istanbul by plane and want to explore Göztepe and Kadıköy, the airport car rental option may be the ideal solution for you. Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport is located very close to Göztepe. Many national and international car rental companies that we work with provide services at the airport. You can travel freely with daily car rental options and create your own program to explore the history and beauties of Göztepe.

Istanbul Goztepe Affordable Car Rental

One of the most free and comfortable options for exploring Göztepe is car rental services. By renting a car in Göztepe, you can travel around the district at your own pace and easily reach other tourist spots in the vicinity. Daily car rental prices vary depending on the type of vehicle and the rental period, but they are usually at an appropriate level. By making your reservation in advance, you can enjoy exploring Göztepe comfortably, regardless of Istanbul's traffic.

Istanbul Goztepe Transportation Facilities

Transportation to Göztepe is quite easy and there are various transportation options available. Located within Istanbul's extensive public transportation network, you can easily reach Göztepe by vehicles such as metro, bus and minibus. In addition, if you prefer to travel by your own car, it is located in an easy location to the main streets of Istanbul.

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