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Istanbul Esentepe Meets History and Present

Esentepe is a neighborhood on the European side of Istanbul, connected to the district of Şişli. The name of the district comes from its hilly geography, and this hill offers a tremendous view of Istanbul.

Esentepe is a rich region that bears the traces of many civilizations throughout history. It has witnessed various cultural interactions in its history dating from ancient times to the Ottoman Empire. Today, it attracts attention with its modern buildings, business centers and luxury residences.

Esentepe Car Rental

Istanbul Esentepe is a district that attracts the attention of both local residents and visitors with its historical and modern texture. With its transportation facilities, wealth of places to visit and affordable car rental options, Esentepe is a diamond waiting to be discovered.

One of the cheapest and most comfortable options for exploring the beauties of Esentepe is car rental services. Make a reservation with many Rent a Car companies that we work with in the region, a large fleet of vehicles and affordable prices. With daily car rental, you can explore freely to discover all the beauties of Esentepe, Şişli Car Rental and its surroundings.

Easy Access to the Center of Esentepe

Esentepe's transportation facilities support visitors to explore the beauties of the region by providing convenience. Add comfort to your journey by renting a car in Esentepe or by taking advantage of public transportation options. Thanks to the central location of Esentepe, you can quickly get involved in the pleasant atmosphere of Istanbul.

It is also possible to reach Esentepe using public transportation. You can easily reach the district by metro and bus lines. Şişli metro station and various bus stops provide transportation to different parts of Esentepe.

Places And Beauties of Esentepe to Visit

Esentepe stands out not only with its business centers, but also with its natural beauties and historical places. Attractions in the area include parks, shopping malls and historical buildings. Dec. Don't forget to take photos at the points that offer a panoramic view of Esentepe.

Büyükdere Street is one of the main streets of Esentepe and you can come across various cafes and shops while walking here. Istanbul Sapphire, one of the tallest buildings in Europe, defines the silhouette of Esentepe. From the terrace of the building you can enjoy a magnificent view of Istanbul.

Bomontiada is a complex where culture, art, and entertainment come together Decently. This area, which is full of concerts, exhibitions and events, adds color to the social life of Esentepe. Cevahir, the largest shopping center in Turkey, is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts. Many brands and stores are located here.

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