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Istanbul Ümraniye Buyaka AVM, one of the most popular shopping malls in Istanbul, offers its visitors an unforgettable shopping experience. Located in Ümraniye, Istanbul, this shopping center attracts attention with its wide store options, taste stops and entertaining events. There are dozens of rental car companies in Ümraniye Buyaka AVM. You can make online reservations for the corporate car rental companies in Buyaka AVM via

Buyaka Ümraniye AVM is a shopping and entertainment center on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, standing out with its modern architecture and rich store options. This center, which stands out with its ease of transportation, has become one of the most popular meeting points of the city. Thanks to its easy access, you can quickly complete your Ümraniye Buyaka AVM car rental reservation without having to go through many procedures for your car rental. Located on one of the most important transportation axes of Istanbul, Buyaka AVM offers ample parking space for visitors who come with rental cars, and you will not have any difficulties in the collection and return of rental cars. For those who prefer to rent a car from Buyaka AVM using public transportation, there are many alternatives such as metro, bus and minibus.

Ümraniye Buyaka AVM is an indispensable address not only for car rental and shopping, but also for entertainment. It offers unforgettable moments to visitors of all ages with a wide variety of entertainment options such as cinema, bowling and playgrounds. Activity areas designed especially for children are preferred by families. Before getting Umraniye car rental service, you can use many activities in the shopping mall and shop. After shopping, you can complete your reservation from corporate car rental companies and enjoy the day with your rental car.

Buyaka AVM, which is also assertive in terms of taste stops, offers distinguished tastes from Turkish and world cuisines to its visitors. Offering a wide range of options from fast food options to gourmet restaurants, the shopping center is known for its menus that appeal to every taste. You can also wait for the preparation of your rental car by tasting the different culinary cultures in the shopping mall.

Ümraniye Buyaka AVM Car Rental

There is an unconditional cancellation and refund opportunity for all reservations you make at Istanbul Ümraniye Buyaka AVM car rental location. While taking advantage of Buyaka Avm car rental opportunities, you can complete your online car rental reservation in just 2 steps, without blocking your entire credit card. Buyaka AVM is located in Ümraniye district of Istanbul province. You can complete your car rental requests by choosing the Buyaka AVM car rental location as well as the Ümraniye location.

All car rental transactions you make through the online car rental platform are 100% safe, and your reservations are under the guarantee of cancellation and refund. Book the Ümraniye Buyaka AVM location now and get the opportunity to easily rent a car!

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