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Acıbadem, located in the southeast of Istanbul, just outside the historical peninsula, is a district that fascinates with its past. Acıbadem offers time travel to its visitors with its streets, historical buildings and traditional atmosphere dating from the Ottoman period to the present day. Founded after the conquest of Istanbul, the district has hosted various civilizations over time and has carried these traces in its architecture.

Historical mosques, inns and fountains bearing the traces of the Ottoman period adorn the streets of Acıbadem. The history of the district is felt in the details of its buildings and its warm atmosphere. Especially the historical houses, where you can see examples of Ottoman architecture, add a separate value to the texture of the district.

İstanbul Acıbadem

Istanbul Acibadem Car Rental

Acıbadem is a region that stands out not only with its history, but also with its modern lifestyle. Acıbadem, which is full of restaurants, cafes and shopping spots, reflects the energy of Istanbul to the people living on the streets here. Car rental options are an important alternative for those who want to walk comfortably on the lively streets of the district and explore the surroundings. You can take advantage of car rental options from Istanbul Acıbadem and Kadıköy locations. with one click, we compare thousands of vehicles and offer you the cheapest vehicle and you can create a reservation in a prepaid way. There is a wide range of car rental services in Acıbadem. rent a car, which we are working with, offers various car models for your needs by using car rental services from companies. For example, by choosing a small city vehicle or a larger SUV, you can find an option that suits your personal comfort and needs.

Advantages of Daily Car Rental

When planning your Acıbadem day, daily car rental provides you with great flexibility. You can rent a car only for the day or days you want and you can explore the neighborhood freely. Especially for short-term visits and busy schedules, daily car rental can save you time.

An Unforgettable Discovery with Car Rental in Acıbadem

Car rental is the combining point of freedom and comfort to explore Acıbadem, one of the historical districts of Istanbul. While walking along the streets that fascinate with their historical texture, you can easily reach the places you want at your own pace. Get ready for an unforgettable discovery with car rental in Acıbadem!

The Documents You Need When Renting a Car

Car rental can be a preferred option for travel freedom and comfort. However, knowing the documents that you need to have with you during the car rental process can make the process easier and smoother. Here are the documents you need when renting a car.

Driver's License: One of the First and Most Important Documents
Identity Document: Provides the Possibility of Personal Recognition
Credit Card: An Important Tool For Assurance
Booking Information: Documents Confirming Your Plans
International Driver's License (Optional): Advantageous in Foreign Countries

Istanbul Acıbadem And Kadıköy Travel Guide

Istanbul Acıbadem and Kadıköy are the places you should definitely visit when you come explore with the car you have rented from.

Kadikoy Bazaar
Kadikoy Dock
Tuesday Sunday
Süreyya Opera
Baghdad Street
Fashion Street
Haydarpaşa Railway Station

Istanbul Acıbadem Is A Modern District in the Heart of Transportation

Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world, known for its historical richness, cultural diversity and vibrant atmosphere. Kadıköy district, located on the Anatolian Side of the city, especially Acıbadem district, attracts attention not only with its historical texture, but also with its effective transportation network.

Public Transportation

Transportation to Acıbadem is quite easy thanks to Istanbul's extensive public transportation network. Transportation to the district can be provided by metrobus, bus and minibuses. You can reach Acıbadem quickly with the metrobuses departing from Kadıköy and thus you can travel independently of the city traffic. In addition, it is possible to reach the district by various bus lines, which gives locals and visitors a wide range of transportation options.

Metro Connections

Acıbadem is a part of the Kadıköy-Kartal metro line. This line extends from Kadıköy to Kartal and also covers Acıbadem. Metro lines offer a fast and safe transportation opportunity without being affected by traffic congestion.

Sea Transportation

Kadıköy is located on the coast of the Marmara Sea and sea transportation is also very popular. Steamers departing from Kadıköy Pier offer a comfortable option for those who want to reach the European Side. This gives you the chance to have a pleasant trip while enjoying the city view.

Taxis and Private Vehicles

It is also possible to reach Acıbadem by taxi or private car. Thanks to the widespread taxi services in the city and well-regulated roads, individual transportation is also quite easy. However, it is always important to take into account the traffic situation.

Rental Car Rental Options

You can take advantage of Istanbul Acıbadem Or Kadıköy car rental options. with one click, we compare millions of vehicles from Kadıköy and Acıbadem locations and offer you the cheapest vehicle and you can create a reservation in a prepaid way. In addition, you can get information about car rental and reservation 7/24 by contacting the Customer Support Line 0850 888 66 55.

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