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Hatay Payas Discover the History and the Present

Hatay is a city famous for its historical riches and natural beauties. Payas, the place where Antakya is located, is a historical district. This region, which has been under the influence of many civilizations throughout history, has a rich culture. The Roman, Byzantine, Umayyad and Ottoman Empires are important periods that have left their mark on the history of Payas.

Hatay Payas

Today, Payas has the appearance of a city that has been intertwined with modern life, preserving its historical texture. Ancient ruins, historical buildings and museums, its management takes you on a historical journey of this fascinating region.

Places to Visit in Hatay Payas

1. Ancient City Thicknesses: Payas is famous for its ancient city ruins. Theaters, temples and walls belonging to the Roman period are points of interest for history lovers. These ruins are important historical riches that contain traces of the past.
2. Payas Castle: Payas Castle is a building dating back to the Ottoman Empire period. Located on the seafront, the castle offers a dazzling view with its enormous architecture. Visitors can travel back in time by feeling the historical atmosphere in the castle.
3.Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Complex: Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Complex, 16. it was built in the century. It consists of a complex, a mosque, a madrasa, a hammam and a mausoleum.
4.Gin Tower: Gin Tower, 13. it was built in the century. The tower is one of the landmarks of the district.
5.Seaside Park: The Seaside Park is one of the most popular recreation places in the district. The park has a walking track, a children's playground and cafes.

Transportation Status in Hatay Payas

Transportation to Payas is quite easy. Panel on access to the city by road and pass. In addition, there is a close distance to the city at Hatay Airport. Visitors, add comfort to your travel plan by taking advantage of car rental options to be able to travel comfortably in the region. Cheap rental services are an ideal option for those who want to leave the area. With daily rental options, you can reach anywhere anytime.

Hatay Payas Car Rental

There are many options for renting a car in Hatay Payas. You can make daily rental with different categories of vehicles at affordable prices. In this way, you can travel freely around the city and have the opportunity to explore the historical and natural beauties.

To get detailed information about car rental services and to make a reservation arabakirala.com.tr you can visit our website. We are waiting for you to have a trouble-free experience in transportation. Hatay Payas offers a magnificent travel experience with its historical texture, navigable places and affordable rental options. Come, this is characteristic variability and how to have a pleasant time following the traces of the past.

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