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Discover the History and Modernity of Hatay Antakya

Antakya is a unique city that contains the traces of many civilizations throughout history. Antioch, which has been an important trade center since the early ages, was known as "Antioch" during the Roman Empire. The city has hosted many different influences throughout its history, which made Antakya have a rich cultural heritage.

Today, Antakya brings its visitors to a destination with its ancient ruins, museums and historical texture. Mosaic museums, St. It is known for important historical buildings such as Pierre Church and Habib-i Neccar Mosque.

Hatay Antakya

Hatay Antakya Transportation System

Transportation to Antakya is quite easy. It can be traded by city, highway and its properties. Hatay Airport provides a convenient travel opportunity for its management by making it easier to direct to the city. In addition, city transportation is provided by alternatives such as buses and taxis.

Hatay Antakya Navigable Places

Among the navigable places of Antakya are the Ancient Roman Theater, Taşhan, Habib-i Neccar Mountain and Kurtuluş Park. Dec. These places offer unique experiences for history and nature lovers.

Among the Places that can be visited, some of them are as follows Dec:

  • St. Pierre Church: AD 1. the church, which was built in the century, is one of the first churches of Christianity.
  • Hatay Archaeological Museum: A large number of artifacts belonging to the history and culture of Hatay are exhibited in the museum.
  • Antioch Mosaics: The large number of mosaics found in Antioch is an indication of the rich history of the city.
  • Antakya Ancient City: It is the ancient settlement of Antakya. There are many historical buildings in the ancient city.

Car Rental at an Affordable Price in Antakya and Information Warehouse

While exploring the beauties of Antakya, the option of renting a car for a comfortable transportation is quite advantageous. Rent a car companies that we are working with, which offer affordable car rental services, allow the manager to travel freely. Daily rental options are an ideal solution for short-term visits.

The information store about car rental rights can help users better understand the rental process. Issues such as points to be considered during the rental period, insurance options and rental conditions arabakirala.com.tr Customer Support Line You can contact 24/7 from 0850 888 66 55 contact numbers.

Antakya's Gastronomic Delights and Shopping Streets

In addition to its historical and natural beauties, Antakya is also home to a rich gastronomy. Among the extraordinary tastes of Hatay cuisine are special flavors such as künefe, oruk, andız Decoction and pepper bread. Antakya's historical bazaars are filled with hand-woven carpets, copper embroidered products and local souvenirs for shopping enthusiasts.

Hatay Antakya Car Rental

Modern transportation facilities, which meet with the historical riches of Antakya, offer a manageable magnificent experience. While exploring the beauties of Antakya, cheap car rental reviews are the key to being able to visit the city freely. Combine the unique atmosphere and history of Antakya with the present for an unforgettable holiday.

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