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Discover the History and Present of Bursa Bus Station

Bursa Otogar

Bursa Bus Station is a historical center that opens its doors to passengers coming and going to the city. While it is located at the heart of Bursa's transportation network, it has also hosted many important events throughout history. This important point, which extends from the past of the city to the present, attracts attention both with its historical riches and modern transportation facilities.

Bursa Bus Station first started to serve in 1960. Since then, it has hosted many travelers who have come to and left the city. These milestones in the history of the bus station have also witnessed various cultural events hosted by Bursa.

Bursa Otogar Çevresinde Gezilebilir Yerler

Bursa Bus Station is known for being located at the intersection point of urban and intercity transportation. Visitors to the city can easily reach many important tourist points around the bus station. For those who want to explore the historical texture of Bursa, be sure to explore Bursa, the capital of the Ottoman Empire, historical mosques, covered bazaars. In addition, parks and museums around the bus station are also among the places to visit. Dec.

Bursa Bus Station Transportation Status

Municipal buses, minibuses, taxis and rental cars are used for urban transportation from Bursa Bus Station. From the bus station, transportation to every district of Bursa can be provided by municipal buses. If they are full, they are preferred for transportation to points farther from the bus station. Taxis, on the other hand, are a fast and comfortable transportation option.

Bursa Bus Station Car Rental

Bursa'ya ulaştıktan sonra şehri keşfetmek isteyenler için araç kiralama seçenekleri oldukça geniştir. Ucuz fiyatlarla araba kiralama hizmeti sunan firmalar, ziyaretçilere şehri özgürce gezebilme imkanı tanımaktadır. Günlük kiralama seçenekleri ile turistik bölgeleri keşfetmek ve şehir içinde rahatça dolaşmak mümkündür.

Bursa Bus Station Rent A Car Service

The rent a car companies that we are working with, located around Bursa Bus Station, offer services to visitors at affordable prices. With daily rental options, it is possible to explore the tourist areas and walk around the city comfortably. This service provides the freedom to explore the city at your own pace.

The history of Bursa Bus Station and the navigable places of the transportation system offer an unforgettable experience for everyone who comes to the city. This experience, combined with affordable car rental options, offers an ideal solution for those who want to explore the beauties of Bursa.

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