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Discover the History and Present of Bursa Osmangazi

Bursa Osmangazi

Bursa is home to a rich culture with the Osmangazi district, which is one of the historical cities of Turkey. It is one of the most important historical and cultural cities of Turkey. Osmangazi district is the center and the most populous district of the city. Osmangazi welcomes millions of visitors every year with its historical and tourist attractions, natural beauties and ease of transportation.

Bursa has been an important center throughout history, being the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Osmangazi district is home to many historical buildings that reflect this rich historical heritage in the best way.

Bursa Osmangazi Transportation Status

There are many transportation options to explore Bursa Osmangazi. Public transportation in the city allows you to easily reach historical and tourist areas. Also, if you want to travel around the city at your own pace, car rental options are quite advantageous.

Places to Visit in Osmangazi Bursa

Bursa Osmangazi offers its guests a comfortable travel opportunity with its historical texture as well as transportation systems. Explore the historical and cultural riches of the city freely with affordable car rental options.

  • Uludag: Uludag, the symbol of Bursa, is famous for its natural beauty and winter tourism. This mountain, which can be visited in any season, offers magnificent views.
  • Bursa Grand Mosque: The Grand Mosque, which is one of the important works of Ottoman architecture, is an important building reflecting the history of the city.
  • Historical Bazaar and Inns Region: Bursa's bazaars and inns that smell of history are for those who want to shop.
  • Yeşil Mosque: Yeşil Mosque is one of the most important religious buildings of Osmangazi along with the Grand Mosque.
  • Orhan Gazi Mausoleum: The mausoleum of Osmangazi's father Orhan Gazi is one of the most important historical structures of the district.
  • Bursa Castle: Bursa Castle, one of the oldest buildings in the city, was built by Yildirim Bayezid in 1326.
  • Tophane: Tophane, which has one of the most beautiful views of Bursa, was used as the defense center of the city during the Ottoman period.

Bursa Osmangazi Car Rental

While exploring Bursa Osmangazi, if you want to move around at your own pace, the car rental option will be quite practical. Many car rental companies that we do business with in the region offer daily rental opportunities at cheap prices. Thanks to this, you can travel freely around the city and easily reach the places that are waiting to be discovered.

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