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Bursa Mudanya Discover the History and the Present

Mudanya, a district of Bursa, is a charming seaside town located on the Marmara Sea coast. With its historical and natural beauties, it welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Shining like a jewel among the beauties of Bursa, Mudanya continues to fascinate with its Decadence. Mudanya was also home to the Armistice of Mudanya, one of the important turns of the Ottoman Empire.

Bursa Mudanya 

Nowadays Mudanya offers a unique experience for history lovers. Mudanya Houses, historical mosques and ancient ruins provide visitors with a journey into the past. The history of Mudanya dates back to the Byzantine and Roman periods. The region stands out with its archaeological ruins and historical structures bearing the traces of different civilizations.

In the last periods of the Ottoman Empire, Mudanya had a critical strategic position. with the Armistice of Mudanya signed in 1922, the Greek occupation of the region ended and Mudanya was allowed to join the Turkish territory. The house where this historical agreement was signed is of great interest to visitors today.

Mudanya'da Ulaşım Durumu

If you want to explore the historical and natural beauties of Mudanya, you should first make a suitable transportation plan. Easy transportation from the center of Bursa to Mudanya there are very easy bus and minibus services. However, the car rental option will be an ideal choice for more convenient transportation to the places to visit in the region.

Mudanya is about 100 kilometers away from Istanbul. The trains going from Istanbul to Mudanya by train depart from Sogutlu Railway Station. Ferries from Istanbul to Mudanya depart from Eminönü by ferry.

After providing transportation to Mudanya, it is quite advantageous to rent a car to provide easy access to popular tourist spots in the region. Car rental is especially recommended to explore the villages and natural beauties around Mudanya.

Bursa Mudanya Car Rental

Car rental options in Mudanya are quite diverse. There are many companies that offer daily rental services at cheap prices. Through these services, it becomes easier and more comfortable to explore the historical and natural beauties of Mudanya. By Deciphering the regions you want to visit in Mudanya, you can make a comparison between the car rental companies we work with.

Places to Visit in Mudanya

Bursa Mudanya is a place worth visiting with its historical and natural beauties. Renting a car is the best option to travel around the district. To rent a car at an affordable price in Mudanya arabakirala.com.tr you can make a prepaid Reservation from the website.

  • Mudanya Houses: Mudanya Houses, one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architecture, have survived to the present day by preserving their historical texture.
  • Mudanya Museum: Mudanya Museum, which can introduce the history of the region in detail, offers a unique store of information to visitors.
  • Arap Ekmek Jul Beach: It is famous for its natural beauty and clean sandy beach.
  • Trilye Neighborhood: It is famous for its historical buildings and narrow streets belonging to the Ottoman period.

Rent a Car at an Affordable Price in Mudanya

Car rental opportunities at affordable prices are quite common in Mudanya. Daily rental options give visitors the chance to explore the area in a budget-friendly way. you can find the most affordable prices by comparing the car rental companies we are working with and add comfort to your holiday.

Thanks to the car rental facilities at affordable prices, you can easily visit the historical and natural beauties of Mudanya and go exploring. The unique beauties of Mudanya are waiting for you! Have a nice trip!

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