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Discover the History and Present of Bursa Inegöl

Inegöl is a city that has witnessed the historical past of the Ottoman Empire and has been under the influence of many civilizations throughout history. Bearing this historical texture, Inegöl offers the manager the opportunity to trace the traces of the past and observe the present. Inegöl is about 45 km away from Bursa.

Bursa İnegöl 

Inegöl Bazaar, which is one of the historical buildings dating back to the Ottoman period, houses architecturally important people. Dec. At the same time, the Ottoman houses in the city are greeted with details that fascinate history lovers. Inegöl stands out with its traditional handicrafts and artisanship culture.

Inegöl Transportation System

Transportation to Inegöl is quite easy. It is possible to provide transportation to the city with bus and train services departing from Bursa regularly. In addition, if you want to travel by your own car, the main roads from Bursa to Inegöl are quite convenient. In addition, car rental services in Inegöl offer a wide range of options to the manager who has freedom in transportation. Oct.

Inegöl Navigable Places

Inegöl is a destination enriched with its historical and natural beauties. In addition to the historical sites in the city, sightseeing areas intertwined with nature are also waiting to be discovered. In addition, the ponds and promenade areas that continue in Inegöl are an ideal escape point for nature lovers.

Some of the historical and natural beauty that you can visit and see in Inegöl are as follows:

  • Inegöl Castle: Inegöl Castle is one of the most important historical buildings of the city.
  • Ishak Pasha Complex: Ishak Pasha Complex is a complex consisting of a mosque, a madrasa, a hammam and a mausoleum.
  • Yeşil Madrasa: Yeşil Madrasa is one of the oldest historical buildings of Inegöl.
  • Oylat Cave: It is one of the largest caves in Turkey.
  • Oylat Waterfall: Oylat Waterfall fascinates its visitors with its unique beauty.
  • Ataturk City Forest: Ataturk City Forest, you can have a picnic, take a walk and spend time intertwined with nature.
  • Misi Village: Misi Village, which is connected to Inegöl, is known for its houses reflecting traditional Ottoman architecture and is worth visiting.

Bursa Inegöl Car Rental

Car rental options are very advantageous for those who want more flexibility in transportation while exploring Inegöl. Various car rental companies that we are working with in the city provide services with cheap prices and vehicles of various models. Daily options, management provides easy and convenient access to all the beauties in the city.

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