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Bursa Gemlik Discover the History and the Present

Located among the historical riches of Bursa, Gemlik is known for both its natural beauty and historical uses. Dec. Gemlik is a district located on the way to Bursa and has been home to many civilizations throughout history. In the ancient period, Gemlik stands out as an important port city belonging to Rome and Byzantium. Gemlik, which has a storage facility combined with the regional settlement of the Turks, is also known for hiding at the crossroads of trade routes throughout history.

Bursa Gemlik

Today, Gemlik continues to grow its visitors with its streets, old buildings and historical ruins that preserve its historical texture. Gemlik Castle and the historical bazaar area contain traces of the past.

Transportation System in Gemlik

Gemlik is located about 40 km from the city center of Bursa. Transportation to the city center can be provided by bus, minibus or taxi. The nearest airport for transportation to Gemlik by air is Bursa Yenişehir Airport. You can take advantage of bus, taxi or rental car services to get from the airport to Gemlik.

Places to Visit in Gemlik

Gemlik's attractions include the Gemlik Castle, the historical bazaar, the coastal areas and the National Park Decently known for its natural beauties. You can take a walk on the Gemlik coast, explore the historical ruins and enjoy nature.

  • Kyzikos Antik Kent
  • Gemlik Kalesi
  • Dağyenice Gölü
  • Gölyüzü Plajı

Bursa Gemlik Car Rental

It is a convenient and free way to rent a car to leave Gemlik. Car rental services in Gemlik offer the manager the opportunity to move around and explore freely. In addition, thanks to the daily car rental options at an affordable price, you can take advantage of cheap car rental options for your budget.

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There are some important points where there should be interruptions in the car rental process. First of all, you should do a detailed inspection before taking delivery of the vehicle. It should take existing damages and, if any, control should be provided. Also, one should be especially careful about insurance during the rental.

Gemlik Affordable Car Rental

Bursa Gemlik, as a destination with history and nature, gives curious moments to management. The transportation system and car rental options for booking navigable places offer freedom and comfort. Those who want to visit Gemlik can have a wonderful experience in this charming district, which is integrated with its historical and natural beauties. Thanks to the car rental facilities, you can make a full-time travel plan.

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