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Discover the History and Present of Antalya's Kumluca

Antalya's Kumluca has been under the influence of different civilizations throughout history and has a rich culture as a result of this interaction. Kumluca, which was a part of the Lycian region in ancient times, bears the traces of the Lycian Civilization. The Lycians decorated Kumluca with monumental tombs, ancient city ruins and rock reliefs unique to the region.

Antalya Kumluca

After coming under the rule of the Roman Empire, Kumluca continued its importance with its strategic location and fertile lands. Roman villas and temples built in the ancient period provide an antique atmosphere to their visitors even today. Among the historical ruins there are important buildings such as the Ancient City of Arykanda and the Ancient Theater of Rhodiapolis Dec.

Transportation to Kumluca

Transportation to Kumluca is quite easy. There are regular bus services from Antalya city center to Kumluca. In addition, if you prefer to travel by your own car, you can take advantage of car rental options from Antalya Airport. At this point, the affordable prices of car rental companies and a large fleet of vehicles will make your visit more comfortable.

Places to Visit in Kumluca

The daily car rental option in Kumluca helps you to reach the tourist spots in the region quickly and practically. In addition, it is ideal for those who want to plan an economical vacation, as the daily rental options are budget-friendly. You can visit the Olympos National Park and enjoy nature while exploring the historical ruins.

The main places to visit in the district are:

  • Ancient City of Rhodiapolis: It is one of the most important historical buildings of Kumluca.
  • Termessos Ancient City: It is one of the other important historical buildings of Kumluca.
  • Adrasan: It is one of the most popular holiday resorts of Kumluca. Adrasan is famous for its natural beauties.
  • Kumluca Beach: You can go to the sea, sunbathe and do various water sports at Kumluca Beach.
  • Avlan Beach: Avlan Beach, another popular beach of Kumluca, is 3 kilometers long.

Antalya Kumluca Car Rental

You can evaluate the car rental option to make the exploration of Kumluca more free and enjoyable. Rent a car companies that we are working with in the region offer a wide range of vehicles and services at affordable prices. Thanks to this, you can easily reach anywhere anytime and enjoy the freedom while exploring the hidden beauties of Kumluca.

Renting a car for transportation to Kumluca is the most comfortable and practical option. By renting a car from Antalya Airport to Kumluca, you can go anywhere you want at any time. Car rental prices vary depending on the type of vehicle and the rental period.

Antalya Kumluca Car Rental Tips

Before coming to Kumluca, it is important to get detailed information about car rental and find the most suitable offer. you can make price comparisons by visiting their website. In addition, you can also get up-to-date information about car rental from local tourist offices and travel information points.

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