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Discover the Modernity of Antalya Kaleiçi with History

Antalya is a city famous for its historical riches and natural beauties located on the southern coast of Turkey. Antalya Kaleici stands out as a unique region where historical texture and modern life come together Decently. Today, Kaleiçi is one of the most important tourist destinations in Antalya. With its historical atmosphere, narrow streets, colorful houses and traditional bazaars, Kaleiçi offers an unforgettable experience to its visitors.

Antalya Kaleiçi 

Kaleici, which is considered the heart of Antalya, fascinates its visitors with its historical buildings dating from the Roman period to the present. Traces of the ancient Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods can still be seen on the historical buildings that decorate the streets. Among the historical buildings that defy the years are Hadrian's Gate, Fluted Minaret, Decapitated Minaret and Clock Tower.

Kaleiçi Transportation System

Transportation to Antalya Kaleiçi is quite easy. Public transportation, which you can choose for urban transportation, will help you reach the historical district easily. In addition, transportation can also be easily provided from transportation points such as Antalya airport and Antalya bus station for visitors coming from outside the city. Take advantage of car rental services.

Kaleiçi Attractions

Apart from the historical buildings, Antalya's navigable places include magnificent beaches, shopping streets and restaurants full of Decadence. Especially Atatürk Street and Mermerli Street are the places where Antalya's historical and modern Deconstruction coexist.

Must-see places in Kaleiçi:

  • Hadrian's Gate: Hadrian's Gate is one of the landmarks of Kaleici.
  • Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque: It is the largest mosque in Kaleiçi.
  • Kaleici Bazaar: It houses shops selling traditional crafts and souvenirs.
  • Antalya Museum: Artifacts unearthed from Antalya and the surrounding ancient cities are exhibited in the museum.
  • Karaalioğlu Park: Karaalioğlu Park, the largest park in Antalya, is located right next to Kaleiçi.

Antalya Kaleici Car Rental

One of the most convenient and free ways to explore Antalya Kaleiçi is to rent a car. You can take advantage of car rental services to get around the city comfortably and reach the surrounding tourist areas. It is quite easy to find a car rental business in Antalya. With daily car rental options at cheap prices, you can have the opportunity to explore the city freely.

Daily Car Rental in Kaleici

While visiting Antalya Kaleiçi, in addition to enjoying the historical beauties, exploring its modern life will offer an unforgettable experience. Explore this modern life intertwined with the historical atmosphere of the city and the beauties of Antalya freely with daily car rental.

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