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Discover the History and Present of Ankara Tunis Street

Tunis Avenue, one of the historical streets of Ankara, is located in the heart of the city and offers a unique experience to visitors.  Tunus street, located in the Çankaya District of Ankara, is one of the favorite points of Ankara with both its historical texture and modern transportation facilities.

Tunis Street takes its name from the historical relations of the Ottoman Empire with Tunisia. First of all, 19. founded in the middle of the century, the street has turned into one of the most important commercial and cultural centers of Ankara over time. This street, which dates from the Ottoman period to the present day, also houses many historical monuments.

Ankara Tunis Street Transportation System

Ankara Tunus Street is an important intersection of urban transportation. Many bus and minibus lines pass along the street, which makes it possible for visitors to easily provide transportation. In addition, you can create your reservation from the car rental companies we are working with. You can make comfortable trips to Ankara and its surroundings and have business meetings.

Ankara Tunis Street Navigable Points

Among the places to visit, the historical buildings of Tunis Street and the artifacts left from the Ottoman Decadence stand out. In addition, cafes, restaurants and shopping spots on the street also offer visitors the opportunity to spend a pleasant time.

  • Ankara Palace Hotel: It is the first 5-star hotel in Turkey.
  • Ankara State Theater: Ankara State Theater, one of the most important cultural institutions of Ankara, is located on Tunis Street.
  • Ankara State Opera and Ballet: Ankara State Opera and Ballet is located on Tunis Avenue.
  • Ankara Fire Department Museum: The Ankara Fire Department Museum, where the historical fire engines of Ankara are exhibited, is
  • located on Tunis Street.
  • Akay Park: Akay Park, one of the largest parks in Ankara, is located at the end of Tunis Street.
  • Red Crescent Square
  • Akay Junction
  • National Park

Ankara Tunis Caddesi Car Rental

Tunis Street, which reflects the historical and modern face of Ankara, offers different alternatives to its visitors. There are shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels and business centers located on the street, shopping, eating and drinking places for visitors. On Tunis Street you can compare thousands of vehicles with one click on the website and book the cheapest vehicle for your budget from booking or call centers.

In addition to quickly and comfortably reaching the tourist attractions in Ankara, it also allows exploration outside the city. Take advantage of the car rental options suitable for the needs of customers of the rent a car companies we are working with on Tunis Avenue.

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