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Mersin Girl Castle Sightseeing Route

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Mersin Girl Castle Sightseeing Route

What You Need to Know About Mersin Girl Castle

Mersin Girl Castle is a historical building located in Mersin province of Turkey. This castle, which bears the traces of many civilizations since ancient times, is located on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is also commonly known as the Korykos Castle. The castle, which was built in the Hellenistic period, has undergone changes in the Roman and Byzantine periods. It has an important position especially in terms of maritime trade and defense strategies.

Mersin Girl's Castle

The castle attracts attention with its structure consisting of two islands. The ruins of the castle on the big island and the structures on the small island have survived to the present day. Kiz Castle, one of the symbolic buildings of Mersin, is an important point of visit for history and culture enthusiasts. In addition, it attracts the attention of tourists along with other historical and natural beauties located in the region.

How to Get to Mersin Girl Castle?

There are several different options to reach Mersin Girl Castle.

Here are some common methods of transportation:

Car Rental or by Private Car

From the city center of Mersin or from the surrounding areas you can reach Kiz Kale by renting a car online from the companies with which the business is located or by your own private car. Considering that it is approximately 70-80 kilometers from the city center of Mersin, you can determine your route.

Mersin Girl Castle Beach

public transport

You can also reach Kiz Castle from Mersin by public transport. There are regular minibus or bus services from Mersin to Kiz Castle. You can reach Kiz Castle by minibuses and buses departing from Mersin city center. The journey time may vary depending on the traffic situation.

Taxi or Dolmus

You can reach Kiz Castle from Mersin city center or nearby areas by taxi or dolmus. The taxi option may be faster and more comfortable, but dolmus usually offers a more economical option. You can also get information about the location of Kiz Castle from local residents or tourism offices and choose the most convenient transportation option.

Where is the Mersin Girl Castle?

Mersin Girl Castle is located in Mersin province of Turkey. It is located exactly in the Kizkalesi resort of Mersin. Kızkalesi is a holiday resort town in the Erdemli district of Mersin. It is located on the Mediterranean coast, about 60-70 kilometers from the city center of Mersin. Kizkalesi resort is a touristic region and attracts the attention of visitors with its beaches and natural beauties in addition to the Kiz Castle.

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What Activities and What Are Done in Mersin Girl's Castle?

There are many activities that you can do in and around Mersin Girl Castle.

Mersin Girl Castle Sunset

Here are some suggestions:

  • You can explore the historical atmosphere by visiting the Girl Castle. By reaching the castle by boats, you can walk around inside the castle and see the traces of past civilizations. Kizkalesi resort is famous for its clean and beautiful beaches. Jul. You can spend a pleasant day enjoying the sea and the sun.
  • There are various water sports opportunities on the beach. You can spice up your holiday with activities such as jet skiing, sea parachuting, water skiing. You can explore the underwater world by diving in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Diving centers organize tours for both beginner divers and experienced divers.
  • You can take a walk to explore the natural beauties around Kizkalesi. Caves and nature parks located in the nearby areas can also be visited. In the restaurants located around Kizkalesi, you can taste the flavors of Mersin cuisine. Especially seafood and local dishes win the appreciation of visitors.
  • You can buy souvenirs from the small shops and Sundays located in Kizkalesi, and you can be interested in local products and crafts. You can photograph the magnificent views offered by Kiz Castle and its surroundings. You can capture great frames at moments such as sunset and sunrise.
  • You can explore the beautiful bays and islands of the Mediterranean by participating in boat tours organized in the surrounding area. You can enrich your cultural experiences by participating in local events and festivals in the region. The various activities organized especially in the summer months are quite enjoyable.
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