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İstanbul Ihlamur Pavilion Travel Guide

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İstanbul Ihlamur Pavilion Travel Guide

İstanbul Ihlamur Pavilion Travel Guide

Ihlamur Kasrı is a historical building located in Besiktas district of Istanbul. It welcomes a large number of local and foreign tourists every year. The full name of the kasr is “Muhsinzade Mehmet Pasha Ihlamur Kasr” and it is named after the district where it is located, ihlamur. 1 Of the structure. The Ihlamur Pavilion is an impressive example of Turkish-Ottoman architecture. The building is designed as a two-storey mansion and has beautiful gardens. During its period, it was used for accommodation of civil servants and statesmen.

There are exquisite wood carvings, frescoes and patterns made in stonework. It also reflects the richness and splendor of the period with its chandeliers, carpets and furniture. The place known as the Ceremonial Pavilion is known today as the Ihlamur Pavilion. Linden pavilion is a one-story rectangular building. In addition, cut stone was used in the Linden pavilion.

The Ihlamur Pavilion has managed to protect itself from the noise and chaos of the city. The pavilion, which is surrounded by high walls, consists of a total of three parts. These are the Ihlamur Neighborhood, known as the Garden of Conversation Hacı Huseyin. The linden pavilion has been converted into overhauled alterations and used for different purposes. It served as a hospital for a while, then it was used as a museum. words serve as a venue for special events and exhibitions.

Brief Information About Istanbul Ihlamur Pavilion

Istanbul Ihlamur Pavilion is connected to the national palaces. If you have a trip plan to the Ihlamur pavilion, it is useful to have a museum card with you. If not, you should definitely take it out. If you have a museum card to the Ihlamur vault, the passes are free of charge.

The entrance fees of the ihlamur pavilion, which is a frequenting point for locals and foreigners, are 25 TL for locals to enter the museum + garden section. entrance fees for students (7-25 years old ) are 10 TL. Only the garden part is 10 TL. For foreign tourists, the entrances to the museum + garden section are 60 TL. entrance fees for students (7-25 years old ) are 20 TL. Only the garden part is 10 TL.

Visiting hours to the Istanbul Ihlamur kasr are closed on New Year's Eve and Mondays, as well as religious holidays. On other days, it is open between 9.00 Dec/17.30 dec. There is a cafeteria in the garden part of the Ihlamur pavilion. Your loved ones can have breakfast. For detailed information and communication 0212 259 50 86 / 118 – 119 you can reach us from the numbered phone number.

How to Get to Istanbul Ihlamur Pavilion?

If Istanbul Ihlamur Pavilion is in your sightseeing plan, you can provide transportation by personal car or rental car. Istanbul Besiktas Square is a 10-minute drive away. You can use the fındıklık Tram line to get to the Ihlamur pavilion, you know. The line passing through the Ihlamur kasri line is the Zeytinburnu Kabataş line. In addition, you can use the metro, IDO, IETT and Funicular to get here.

You can use the Iett buses at the bottom to provide bus transportation to Ihlamur Kasr.

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