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Hozon Neta U

About Hozon Neta U

Hozon Neta U electric SUV model has been put on sale in Turkey Hozon Neta is a China-based electric vehicle manufacturer and Neta U is the first model they have offered for sale in Turkey. The vehicle, which is in the compact SUV class, attracts attention with its features. The vehicle has an electric drive system and is usually a preferred model as an environmentally friendly alternative.

The NETA U's electric motor offers high torque and quiet driving. Its performance is supported by a powerful electric drive system and provides fast acceleration. The range and the vehicle are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which usually offer a long range.

Hozon Neta U Side View

The design of the NETA U is in the style of a modern and stylish SUV. The interior is spacious and user-friendly, equipped with high-quality materials. The vehicle usually comes with state-of-the-art multimedia systems and driver assistance features. In terms of security, there are also various active and passive security systems.

With its electric motor, NETA U operates with zero emissions without fuel consumption. In addition, electric vehicles are usually more economical in terms of operating costs. NETA U is an attractive option for those who are looking for an environmentally friendly and modern electric vehicle. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles and environmental awareness, the popularity of such vehicles is also increasing.

Detailed Technical Characteristics of Hozon Neta U


Hozon Neta U

Vehicle Class


Engine Displacement

231 HP (169 kW)

Bagaj Hacmi

428 lt

Passenger Capacity



 310 Nm tork

Cruise Control

There is

Type of Fuel



There is

Vehicle Length

4549 mm

Vehicle width

1860 mm

Vehicle Height

1628 mm

Maximum Speed

155 km/h


81.57 kWh


611 km

DC Charging Speed

150 kW

Avg. We're out of fuel.

13.3 kWh/100km

Electric Tailgate

There is

Electric Seats

There is

Emergency braking system

There is

Hozon Neta U Exterior Design and Technical Specifications

The exterior design of the Hozon NETA U has the style of a modern and attractive electric SUV. Here are some features about the exterior design of the NETA U:

The NETA U is a vehicle in the compact SUV segment. The body design has rounded lines and a flowing shape. At the front there are large and modern headlights, an aerodynamic front grille and cleverly integrated air intakes. There is an aggressive posture in the front part. The headlights are designed in a modern way with LED technology. The front grille is usually in a minimalist and streamlined style, making the car look spacious and sporty.

Hozon Neta U Rear Side View

The side profile of the NETA U is dynamic and fluid. The roofline is slightly sloping and emphasizes the sporty appearance of the vehicle. In the rear part there are spacious and modern taillights. Design details and clean lines that emphasize the width of the vehicle attract attention in the rear section. Jul. The rear bumper and diffuser are also aerodynamically designed.

Hozon Neta U Interior Design and Technical Specifications

The interior design of Hozon NETA U is designed with a modern, stylish and user-oriented approach. Along with the advantages of being an electric vehicle, its interior has been designed to offer an easy-to-use and comfortable experience.

The Interior of Hozon Neta U

Here are some features about the interior design of the NETA U:

The interior of NETA U gives a spacious and spacious feeling. The user-friendly layout ensures that the controls on the front panel are easily accessible. With a driver-oriented design approach, the front console and infotainment system have been installed. The material quality in the interior is high. Upholstery, used in combination with soft texture and high-quality plastics, offers a premium feeling.

NETA U is usually equipped with advanced multimedia systems. It offers modern connectivity features such as a large touch screen, smartphone integration and voice command features. The high seating position, spacious interior and ergonomic seats ensure a comfortable ride on long trips. In addition, storage areas in the interior and practical usage details also attract attention.The interior design of the NETA U usually includes advanced driver assistance systems. These systems have various driving aids and automatic safety features to improve safety.

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