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Tuvalu, The Narrowest Country in the World Travel Guide

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Tuvalu, The Narrowest Country in the World Travel Guide

About Tuvalu

Tuvalu is an island country located in Polynesia and located in the Pacific Ocean. It is located on the continent of Oceania, northeast of Fiji and south of Samoa. The total area of the country is quite small and is only 26 km2. The population is approximately around 11,000.


Tuvalu gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1978. The country consists of approximately 9 islands, and these islands form atolls. Its capital and largest city is Funafuti. Its economy is mainly based on fishing and agriculture. However, Tuvalu's economy is quite fragile due to the fact that it has limited natural resources and lands. Among the important sources of income of the country are foreign aid and passport sales. Dec.

The climate of Tuvalu is tropical and it is hot and humid throughout the year. The country is feeling the effects of global warming intensely; it is facing problems such as sea level rise, erosion and salt floods. Therefore, climate change is a serious concern on low-altitude islands such as Tuvalu.

Some Places you can Visit in Tuvalu

Tuvalu can be an attractive destination with its natural beauties, cultural richness and calm atmosphere, although its tourist infrastructure is limited due to the fact that it is a small island country.

Here are some important places you can visit in Tuvalu and activities you can do;

Tuvalu Kuşbakışı
  • Funafuti: Funafuti, the capital and largest city, is the center and administrative center of the country. 
  • Funafuti Coral Reef: Tuvalu is famous for its spectacular undersea life and colorful coral reefs. Exploring these natural beauties by snorkeling or diving can be an unforgettable part of your visit to Tuvalu. 
  • Nanumea Atoll: Nanumea is one of the nine islands of Tuvalu and is known for its beautiful beaches. 
  • The Church of Tuvalu: The churches located in the country are an important part of the culture of Tuvalu. By attending a local church, you can observe traditional customs and religious rituals. 
  • Tuvalulu Handicrafts: The handicrafts of the local people, traditionally made knitting works and hand-woven products reflect the culture of Tuvalu. You can buy these crafts and interact with the local population while exploring its meaning. 
  • Island Hopping: If you want to visit other Tuvalu islands, you can travel between other atolls by small planes or ship shuttles.Dec.
  • Seafood Tastes: Tuvalu cuisine is usually based on seafood. It is recommended to taste traditional dishes prepared with fresh fish, seafood and tropical fruits at local restaurants.

How to Get to Tuvalu?

Traveling to Tuvalu can be a little challenging due to the remote location of the country. Getting to Tuvalu is usually done via Fiji because Tuvalu does not have its own international airport. Fiji Airways and some other airlines operate international flights to Nadi, the capital of Fiji.

A Trip to Tuvaluda

After reaching Fiji, you will need to switch to domestic flights to get to Tuvalu. Funafuti International Airport is located in Funafuti, the capital of Tuvalu. Fiji Airways and some other local airlines operate regular domestic flights from Fiji to Tuvalu.

Before traveling to Tuvalu, it is important to check with the local embassy or consulate about visa requirements, current transport status and other travel information. Also, making your flight and accommodation reservations in advance can help your trip go more smoothly.

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